July 20, 2024

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Sweet Home “Episode 5”

Season Two, Episode Five.

OK, what the hell happened to this show?

I feel like I have said this before:  this show seems different.  Last time, I think I chalked it mostly up to the fact that the tone is different and the series seems to be mostly focused on new characters right now, but the more I watch, the more I am starting to wonder why.  The monsters haven’t been as visible–this episode shows a monster attack being stopped pretty quickly when a sniper shoots a gas station pump–and it’s been a couple episodes since I even saw Hyun-su.  Isn’t he, like, maybe the main character?

Instead, I see a lot of new characters who are a lot more serious both in tone and style.  There’s all these soldiers, I don’t really know who is who, and these guys are so serious all the time.  Compare that with the many characters from season one, popping up here and there for various cameos, and those guys seem more comical than serious.  Heck, they still do.

Why did that happen?

Look, I understand it to a certain degree.  The basic plot scenario to Sweet Home is probably a serious one.  People randomly change into monsters and want to kill normal humans, almost indestructible, and the people who survive better have some good survival skills.  There’s a big difference between having some guy in a wheelchair juryrig weapons in his apartment and a bunch of guys in uniform punching each other for one reason or another.

I really miss the old Sweet Home.

There is some promise.  The girl with the red ribbon is apparently Yi-kyung’s daughter, but the series hasn’t quite explained what her weird touch-based powers even do.  Will I care when I find out?  I don’t know.

I’m kinda glad The Boys is back.  I can go back to that when this season is over and then decide if I want to keep going with it when season three drops onto Netflix.