July 18, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Immortal Thor #4 (November, 2023)

Thor realizes he can defeat Toranos without using the Odinforce. Maybe.

The thing I think I liked most about Al Ewing’s work is that he often finds new ways to use old story ideas in the coolest way possible.  This issue basically is that.

Issue:  Immortal Thor #4, November 2023

Writer:  Al Ewing

Artist:  Martin Coccolo

The Plot:  Thor figures out a new way to battle Toranos.

Commentary:  Loki’s trippy lesson to Thor was a basic one:  he already has the power to defeat that primal god version of himself Toranos.  Thor doesn’t need to use the power he gained from Odin when Thor ascended to the Asgardian throne.  He already had it.  He just had to find a way to channel it in a different way, one that is right out there in the open, and that is something Thor does by issue’s end.

By the by, I am going to hold off on saying what that method is, but suffice to say, it was really cool.

The tricky thing here for the first two thirds is basically Thor’s having to get a guest star, Storm of the X-Men, to calm down long enough to recruit her for his plan.  Storm is a busy weather goddess, and she doesn’t take kindly to a king’s summons to the Blue Area of the Moon.  The fight between Storm and Thor is rather one-sided, mostly because Thor doesn’t really fight back, and it allows Ewing to play around as he has with the idea that Thor is a thunder god and what it all means when someone tries to attack a Thunder God with lightning.  However, this has been a fun series so far, and I look forward to reading it more down the road.

Plus, a certain Minotaur appears to be back for more.

Grade:  A-