July 21, 2024

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Barry “starting now”

Season Three Finale

I know there’s one season left, but this episode does suggest Barry might actually be facing some consequences for his actions, and he may actually welcome that fact a little bit.

It’s been a long time coming, and I think it’s a credit to Barry that the two men who manage to track Barry down, both separately, are played straight.  There’s not much funny about either Albert Nguyen or Jim Moss.  I wouldn’t say either character is devoid of humor.  Barry is still a comedy, but it’s a very dark comedy, and Albert’s comedic scenes come more from how he reacts to the ridiculousness around him while Jim Moss…there’s nothing funny about Jim Moss.

Jim Moss is a top notch interrogator, and he knew exactly how to get Gene to tell him who really killed Janice plus he manages to lure Barry to his house, with an assist from Gene in a moment when Gene actually uses his acting prowess in the name of bringing down a killer.

As for Albert, he also finds Barry after tricking Fuches into giving a confession but opted to let Barry go even as he caught Barry burying a body (a man Sally killed in self-defense) because Barry saved Albert’s life in Afghanistan.

It marks an episode that, while not devoid of comedy, does take a much more serious tone.  Sure, NoHo Hank’s whole adventure in Bolivia is pretty funny in the dark sort of way that Barry has shown since Day One.  That Cristobal’s angry wife was trying to literally shock the gay out of her wayward husband while Hank’s comrades were being brutally eaten by a wild animal in the next room is the sort of humor I expect from this show.

But I wasn’t quite so sure I expected Barry to try to talk Sally out of revenge because Barry is cognizant of how much evil he’s done.  He believes he’s going to Hell when he dies, and while he doesn’t quite say as much, he does basically say he doesn’t want Sally to go where he’s going when he dies.  The word “Hell” never comes out of his mouth, and Sally doesn’t quite get it, but Barry clearly thinks he’s not going to  happy afterlife.

Has Barry always believed that, or is this a new conclusion he reached after his near-death experience at the hands of a widow of one of his victims, a person Barry knows for a fact was about as innocent as they come?  Did Barry feel that way because he saw Gene and Sally in his dream sequence of his victims on the beach?

Will Barry accept a punishment now that he’s been arrested?

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.