July 20, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Prisoners”

Prince Lee Char and Ahsoka figure out a way to end the Mon Calamari war.

Hey, remember when I said something about how the tactics between the two sides in this battle were so smart?  I think I wanna take that back right now.

See, after the back-and-forth between the Republic and Separatist forces on Mon Calamari, the final battle is decided because the Man Calamar Prince Lee Char realizes that as much as the Separatists have been winning all the battles so far, that between the clones, the Mon Calamar, and the Gungans, they actually greatly outnumber the Separatists, especially if he can convince the Quarren to switch sides.  I can buy that the Quarren will do so because, well, the Separatists don’t treat these new sign-ups very well, and the Quarren leaders already seem to be put off by having to put all of the Mon Calamar into forced labor camps, to say nothing of the fact that the Separatists won’t be helping them rebuild after things got trashed.

That the Quarren leader outright says he was good friends with Lee Char’s father is actually even more baffling because…wait, why was he rebelling again?  There was no reason for any of this as near as I can make out.  I suppose there’s something to be said about the Shark Guy’s manipulation of the Quarren, but this guy is taking lightsabers to the face.  There’s not much subtle about this guy.

The Prince then blows him up with a bomb, and there were chunks floating down in the water.

But really?  It all comes down to the fact that the Separatists were stupid enough to keep all the soldiers they’d captured close together.  Ackbar can lead the charge, the droids will go down, the Quarren switch sides as Lee Char predicted, and Anakin won’t have to watch Padme drown because Jar Jar’s Gungan spit can plug holes.

In the end, Ahsoka is captured and taken to Anakin, and all she can say it this is all part of the plan, and he accepts that.  And it was, but I guess there had to be something to go right for the good guys here.

Oh well.  At least I won’t have to see more of Jar Jar for a while….wait, what’s the next storyarc about?