July 21, 2024

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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia “Gun Fever”

Season One, Episode Five

Frank Reynolds, from what I have seen, really enjoys having a gun.  But he hasn’t appeared on the show yet, so this time around, it’s the other men who seem to enjoy having a gun around.

Sweet Dee is another story, but she’s not the character that she will be just yet.  She’s getting there though…

Paddy’s Pub is the latest in a string of local bars to get robbed.  Someone slipped in and walked out with the safe from the backroom, and the cops are probably not going to find it.  Naturally, that means the Gang sees that they need to do something.

OK, Dee is mostly interested in her new boyfriend Collin, but he’s played by Michael Rosenbaum, and I haven’t trusted that guy since Smallville.  I don’t care if he has hair here.  This guy is Lex Luthor, and you know Lex Luthor will steal all kinds of things, up to and including many cakes.

But Mac and Dennis have another idea:  get a gun.  Charlie is all for it.  Dee, not so much, but Collin thinks guns are, like, the sexist thing ever.  He’s all for it.  He even takes Dee shooting.  And unlike the male members of the Gang, she isn’t so enchanted by the whole thing.

What I can appreciate about this episode is that the three guys all find different ways to be idiots about firearms.  Mac and Dennis mostly think sticking the gun behind the bar but then wanting to shoot it as much as possible.  Charlie not only enjoys shooting the gun, he borrows it to scare off his landlord since he owes the guy rent.  You know, probably because Paddy’s was robbed and that money would have helped Charlie pay his rent and he is, oddly enough, too proud to ask for help.

So, naturally, after Mac and Dennis decided Collin is the thief, they set a trap for him and end up shooting Charlie.  He’ll be fine, but did the guys learn a valuable lesson about firearms?  Of course not!  These guys don’t learn things!  That’s asking too much.

Oh, and Collin was the thief after all.

You can’t trust that Lex Luthor.