June 19, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Gungan Attack”

The Republic finds a new army to take the war to Mon Calamari.

Wait, that kinda worthless Captain of the Mon Calamar guards who won’t do a dang thing unless that inexperience prince gives an order is….Admiral Ackbar!?!?

How disappointing.

So, I remember this storyline pretty well, and that was due to how impressed I was by how the fight went over the course of the storyline.  I saw a YouTube video once that analyzed the Battle of Helms Deep in The Two Towers, and one of the main points was the battle does an excellent job of showing how tactics and strategies react to each other.  In that battle scene, each side comes up with a tactic, the other side battles back, and then the other side comes up with its own tactic.

This storyarc basically does the same thing.  Everything that the Republic forces do, depleted as they are, is a tactical move, and that means that the Jedi Council does something that would be very unexpected if you haven’t seen the episode title and found a new aquatic army to send to Mon Calamari to help:  the Gungans.

It’s Jar Jar himself who convinces the Gungans to send their army, but it doesn’t take much since he just has to remind them that Padme is there, and she’s always been a friend to the Gungans.  And man, the Gungans actually fight well with their grenades that short out even the giant Separatist robo-jellyfish.  Of course, by then even the Quarrens are having second thoughts since that Shark Alien guy (who, again, takes lightsabers to the face and keeps on going) is overruling them and being far more brutal to the Mon Calamar than the Quarrens would like.  Slave labor camps will do that.

But the Gungan attack means Anakin, Ahsoka, Kit Fisto, and even Padme come out to fight, the prisoners start fighting back in an attempt at liberation, and this may only be a two parter…until the Separatists also toss out a new tactic in the form of these droid squids that toss everyone around with fast rotating tentacles.  Anakin manages to take one down, but he’s soon surrounded, and before the episode ends, Ahsoka and that Mon Calamar prince are the only good guys left.  Everyone else has been captured.

Regardless, that was good use of tactics in storytelling.  The use of the Gungans worked, and the Separatists responded in their own way.  And I got to see Kit Fisto fight a shark man.

Seriously, his name is Kit Fisto…