July 21, 2024

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Fallout “The Target”

Season One, Episode Two

My God, it’s an embarrassment of riches for character actors in this episode.  Besides series regular Walton Goggins, there’s professional creepy guy Michael Emerson, professional obnoxious guy Michael Rapaport, and professional angry Southern woman Dale Dickey.

Oh, and I don’t think any of those three will be around for any other episodes.

As someone with zero experience with the game, I can appreciate an episode like this one.  I mean, did I know bottle caps were used as currency in the game?  Nope, but I do now.  The show even arguably does it by showing life through the eyes of not one but two characters.  Lucy is the obvious one.  She’s lived her whole life in the Vault, and it turns out, people still on the surface don’t really have much affection for Vaulties.  You know, on account of how everything down there is safe from radiation and (probably) lack of necessities.

Lucy fits the necessary role fine because she’s naive and doesn’t really know anything.  Stuff has to explained to her.  She’s not an idiot, but she is exceptionally idealistic.  She honestly thinks just asking about the woman who swiped her dad will get her results, but likewise sticks to her tranq gun when better weapons are available.

However, Maximus has some similar idealistic views of the Brotherhood of Steel, so when the Knight Titus turns out to be Michael Rapaport and probably dying after losing a fight to a irradiated bear, his reaction is probably appropriate for someone who idealized the Brotherhood only to learn Michael Rapaport was one underneath all that armor.

The Ghoul, now, he knows how things work.

So, two of these three are all looking for Emerson’s Dr. Siggi Wilzig for some reason.  He doesn’t seem like a bad guy.  He saved a puppy that would have otherwise been tossed into an incinerator and made a loyal pet out of him.  Yeah, that CX404 seems like a good doggie.

Then the Ghoul stabs him.  Boo!

But the Ghout later heals the dog.  Yay!

The Ghoul, now, he’s a good adversary.  Is he the antagonist?  I don’t rightfully know, but he doesn’t mind blowing people away to get Wilzig, and his gun’s ammunition tends to make very large holes in people.  That said, he probably would leave these people alone if they didn’t try to protect Wilzig on behalf of Dickey’s Ma June.  The fight showed why:  most of the gunslingers were taken out easily enough, Lucy’s tranquilizers did nothing, and Maximus might have prevailed if he knew how to pilot his recently stolen suit.

Granted, Wilzing is dead by episode’s end, and Lucy has to make a disgusting choice, but I still don’t know why the Ghoul or the Brotherhood want this guy so bad.