June 19, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Captain America #3 (November, 2023)

A demon wants Steve Rogers dead.

The fact that a new Captain America series by writer J Michael Straczynski is dealing with how Steve Rogers’s past is affecting his present is something that I can’t say I find too surprising.  It doesn’t explain what a demon is doing in it because the supernatural seems more like something Dr. Strange would deal with.  But I have an explanation now that almost makes sense.


Issue:  Captain America #3, November 2023

Writer:  J Michael Straczynski

Artists:  Lan Medina and Jesus Saiz

The Plot:  Steve Rogers in the past deals with Nazis and in the present deals with mystical murders.

Commentary:  Lest anyone think that Steve would deal with a supernatural threat all without any pointers from the Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange does have a cameo in this issue fitting his name.  There’s enough mystical stuff here, starting with the demon and including some magical writing that, if you read too much of it, will prompt you to immediately walk off somewhere to kill yourself.  What would a demon want with Steve Rogers?

Well, the thing is, the demon wants to eliminate people who will do great things that will make the world less to the demon’s liking.  Steve Rogers has been doing that even before he took some supersoldier serum.

Which leads me to see a potential flaw to this story:  most of the demons targets haven’t done anything yet, hence their value.  Steve Rogers is already Captain America and has been making the world a better place for decades.  Am I to believe he is supposed to do something else?  I can see going after a new superhero or something, but one of Marvel’s oldest?  That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

It may when its over, and Steve has to fight that demon soon.

Grade:  B+