June 19, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Water War”

War on Mon Calamari!

Alright, season three, and we’re gonna do a literal deep dive into a water planet.

Yes, war comes to Mon Calamari, a unique planet in the Star Wars universe in that it has two sentient races on it, is at war.  The Mon Calamari, Admiral Akbar’s people, want to stay with the Republic, and they have a new prince elevated to king.  Meanwhile, the Quarren, a squid-faced people, are siding with the Separatists because they don’t want to take orders from some new kid.

That shark alien ambassador representing Dooku, he sure seems to be talking tough and running things, and it may be too much for Padme and her Jedi bodyguard (Anakin, naturally) to negotiate a peaceful settlement to.  That means calling in some aquatic clone troopers, Ahsoka, and Kit Fisto, who is apparently aquatic himself.

Seriously, they named a guy “Kit Fisto”…?

Here’s the thing:  that shark alien is a tough guy who even seems to take a lightsaber to the face at one point.  But the episode isn’t quite sure if the Prince is a good leader or not.  He says early on that he has no tactical training, but tradition means the Prince has to issue all orders.  So, there’s this officer who keeps waiting for the Prince to make decisions on, like, everything.  He’s told his commands are smart and all, but are they?  I mean, they do win the initial battle between Sharky and his battledroids–the Quarren hang back a bit and learn who really is in charge when Sharky gets in their leader’s face–and that seems all well and good.

But then the Separatists attack with these giant jellyfish machines that force the Mon Calamari to retreat to some caves.

There’s not much build-up here.  The arguments start before the episode opens, and both sides are shooting at each other before you know it, but I have no idea if the Prince is actually leading his people or if his orders even work.  Ahsoka and Padme seem supportive.  Anakin has some ideas of his own.  Kit Fisto has a funny name even by Star Wars standards, but he also doesn’t seem to talk much.

Point is, there’s war underwater, and it’s not over yet.