June 19, 2024

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Barry “candy asses”

Season Three, Episode Seven

Oh hey, Robert Wisdom as Detective Moss’s father?  That’s brilliant.

Besides, this episode seems to be fitting the whole third season where Barry’s chickens are finally coming home to roost.

By the way, how good is this show when the main character, the title character at that, spends the entire episode doing little better than looking around in a dream sequence and breathing heavily in the waking world, and not only is the episode not the slightest bit worse off for it, but it manages to really say something about Barry’s psyche and situation.  Barry, poisoned at the end of the previous episode by his late pal Chris’s widow, dreams of himself on a beach, awkwardly standing around with a crowd of people who are all people he’s killed over the years.  So, yes, there are some of the characters who did die at Barry’s hands over last few seasons, including Chris.

Meanwhile, he’s being driven to a hospital by pilot episode victim Ryan’s physician father, a man who believes (incorrectly because of Fuches) that Barry killed his son, but he’s also a doctor and will still take Barry to the hospital before killing himself.

It’s really the sort of character work that makes this show as good as it is.

But as I said, this is the episode where things come to a head.  Sally’s job on another show’s writing room is short-lived when she profanely chews out her former assistant for stealing her TV show idea for one of her own, and then issuing the world’s worst apology against the better advice of her own agent, well…man, Sally just self-destructs and goes back to square one.  It’s kinda beautiful to look at in a train wreck sort of way.

That’s not really the main thing about the episode’s thrust, giving people what they deserve for awful behavior.  Sally’s an awful person, but she doesn’t deserve to go to prison or anything.  Fuches, on the other hand, tries his “private investigator” bit with Moss’s dad, missing that he’s a psychological profiler and a Vietnam War vet who sees right through Fuches’s life’s and then can tell that Barry is responsible for Janice’s death by simple asking Gene and observing a little bit of sweat on the acting teacher’s forehead.  While that’s going on, Fuches is giving a complete confession to an FBI agent, Barry’s old war buddy Albert Nguyen.  Nguyen’s been portrayed as a smart and competent guy surrounded by the local police idiots who wanted to blame the Raven (Fuches), and between him and Jim Moss, I just feel like Barry’s days as a free man are numbered.

Plus, it’s really nice how the show actually has competent people on it.  It’s not a world of idiots.  It’s just foolish people happen to be the main characters.