July 21, 2024

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Going Through Avatar: The Last Airbender Part Nineteen

Jimmy and Tom finish off Book Two of The Last Airbender.

Hey, look at this!  Jimmy and Tom finished another season of The Last Airbender!

I’m sure they have a lot to say as one newcomer and one veteran share their observations below.

“The Earth King”

The Aang Gang decide to show the Earth King the Truth while Zuko struggles with a fever.

jimmy:  I felt like this episode really showed how powerful the various bending disciplines could be.

tomk:  I feel like you really wanted to get to this episode quickly.

jimmy:  We had to find out what this Earth King was all about.

tomk:  And…?

jimmy:  He needs to get out more.

tomk:  Maybe some better guards too if four kids are getting past his army.

jimmy:  I kinda thought the same. The Aang Gang are formidable, but they breezed through the Earth Kingdom army.

tomk:  And I don’t think Appa did much more than follow the kids.

jimmy:  He had to keep his teeth intact for the big evidence reveal later.

tomk:  Maybe he wanted to ride down that neat slide Toph made.

jimmy:  That was pretty cool.

tomk:  She also made an elevator.

jimmy:  Also cool.

tomk:  All the kids made the guards look bad. Sokka even nailed one with his boomerang.

jimmy:  Those guards probably don’t get much practice against any kind of threat.

tomk:  And they probably were seriously hurt going down that slide.

jimmy:  Yeah, most of those attacks, especially the earth bending, looked pretty painful.

tomk:  I hope there’s not a war on or something where you might need those guys.

jimmy:  Not inside the walls.

tomk:  But there’s a big hole in the outer wall.

jimmy:  That could be a problem. But less of a problem than “Suki” coming to visit.

tomk:  Man, you say that like all the good news the kids got wasn’t that good.

jimmy:  Most of it worked out for the best.

tomk:  Sure looks that way.

jimmy:  Though it took a lot of work.

tomk:  From you?

jimmy:  Oh no, I just sat on my ass.

tomk:  That probably takes a lot of practice.You only get so many shots at seeing an eclipse.

jimmy:  Less than you’d think.

tomk:  You sure do make it look easy.

jimmy:  It’s a gift.

tomk:  Like comfortbending or something.

jimmy:  Comfortbending…I like it.

tomk:  If you get good enough at it, you can have a refreshing nap while standing on one leg.

jimmy:  That sounds exhausting.

tomk:  It takes a master of comfortbending.

jimmy:  I’ll work on that after the Fire Nation is dealt with.

tomk:  That’s what folks like about you, Jimmy: you’re all business when there’s danger in the air.

jimmy:  You only get so many shots at seeing an eclipse.

tomk:  Don’t look directly at it.

jimmy:  It’ll probably be cloudy here anyway.

tomk:  You sound like someone who speaks from experience.

jimmy:  Maybe.  But it should be fine either way for the Aang Gang.  As long as the sun is blocked out.

tomk:  Yup. Because there are no more problems on the horizon at Ba Sing Se.

jimmy:  No?  That’s good then.

tomk:  No, no issues now that Long Feng is in prison, the Kyoshi Warriors have arrived, and Toph’s mama is in town.

jimmy:  Except the guards are still loyal to Long Feng, the Kyoshi Warriors are imposters and Toph’s mama is, well, Toph’s mama.

tomk:  Or two guys hired by Toph’s parents.

jimmy:  Or them.

tomk:  Plus, Aang and Sokka could be heading into traps for all we know.

jimmy:  You already know.

tomk:  You might too if you’re holding out on me.

jimmy:  I’m not.

tomk:  You don’t have an iron cage to trap an earthbender with above your office door?

jimmy:  To trap an earthbender?  No.

tomk:  To trap someone else?

jimmy:  I really need to pick up the donut stash security.

tomk:  That’s been true for a while.

jimmy:  It was time to step it up.  And I didn’t even need a fake letter from someone’s mom.

tomk:  How about this one from your prime minister’s dad?

jimmy:  Too soon?

tomk:  Well, it may still be a fake.

jimmy:  Which concerns me for Sokka and Aang.

tomk:  Well, we know Azula was hunting Aang, and she’s in Ba Sing Se. Zuko stopped looking. The two guys who grabbed Toph were only after her. Who would be after the boys?  The Face ThiefThe piratesThe Borg?

jimmy:  Not the Borg. The others…?

tomk:  You have to admit, you’d never expect the Borg. Or the Spanish Inquisition.

jimmy:  Right on both counts.

tomk:  Their chief weapons are surprise and a fanatical devotion to the Borg Queen.

jimmy:  And they’re not animated.

tomk:  They seem pretty animated to me.

jimmy:  I can’t argue with that.

tomk:  You could try.

jimmy:  I could.  But I’d rather talk about this show.

tomk:  Ok, what do you want to talk about now?

jimmy:  Uh.  Hmm.  Where do you buy a new flying Bison saddle?

tomk:  At the Air Bison store.

jimmy:  Oh. Is that on Third?

tomk:  Next to the Jerk Store.

jimmy:  Ah.  I’m familiar with that.

tomk:  They sold out on Zhaos.

jimmy:  He was their number one seller.

tomk:  Especially since he isn’t a reformed former jerk.

jimmy:  Who is?  Zuko?

tomk:  Zuko may be headed that way unless he has a relapse or something.

jimmy:  The internal struggle seems to literally be killing him.

tomk:  Iroh might have been a jerk once.

So he’d know how much the struggle is real.

jimmy:  That’s true.  I think Iroh was prior to his son’s death.

tomk:  Everyone has their bad periods.

jimmy:  Even you?

tomk:  How do you think I met Watson?

jimmy:  Touché.

tomk:  Besides, Jimmy, a wise philosopher once had some thoughts on the struggle between good and evil inside every human being, even Zuko.

jimmy:  Though some are pure evil. Like Azula.

tomk:  :notes: She is Evil Azula. She is Evil Azula. :notes:

jimmy:  Exactly.

tomk:  I don’t want to deal with Evil Jimmy.

jimmy:  You and me both.

tomk:  He probably had a beard until you grew one.

jimmy:  A goatee most likely if TV and movies have taught me anything.

tomk:  Now he’s probably shaving all the hair off his head.

jimmy:  As evil geniuses are wont to do.

tomk:  The worst.

jimmy:  But wait…Aang is bald…

tomk:  Aang shaves.

jimmy:  So he’s evil?  What a twist that would be.

tomk:  Aang?  He’s too naive to be evil.

jimmy:  Or is he?

tomk:  You think Aang is evil when real evil is right there disguised as a Kyoshi Warrior?

jimmy:  You brought up the evil bald guys.

tomk:  You assumed all bald guys are evil.

jimmy:  Maybe that’s enough folically challenged talk.

tomk:  Good idea.

jimmy:  So what’s next for the Aang Gang?

tomk:  I dunno. Netflix says something about a double-sized season finale.

jimmy:  Double sized eh?

tomk:  Like the last time that happened, it may have originally been two episodes.

jimmy:  Two is better than one.

tomk:  Only if both are good.

jimmy:  Have any not been good?

tomk:  Other shows perhaps.

jimmy:  Any in this series?

tomk:  You might have to finish watching to find out.

jimmy:  I will.

tomk:  Ready to find out?

jimmy:  Ready.

“The Guru/The Crossroads of Destiny”

Everything comes to a head as the Aang Gang has a final adventure within the walls of Ba Sing Se.

jimmy:  So much for the redemption of Zuko.

tomk:  You think he’s going to let Iroh rot in a Fire Nation prison?

jimmy:  He already feels bad about it.

tomk:  So there’s hope?  Azula nearly killed Aang and doesn’t seem to care.

jimmy:  There’s no hope for her.

tomk:  Obviously. But Katara looked like she was beating her at one point.

jimmy:  She had a good run for sure.

tomk:  She did better than you would have…unless you brought that fire truck.

jimmy:  Even then I probably wouldn’t last long.

tomk:  You only say that because she near killed a twelve year old child.

jimmy:  How old is Azula?

tomk:  I think she’s the younger sister. But her voice actor may be older.

jimmy:  So she’s probably not much more than 12 herself.

tomk:  Probably closer to 15-16.

jimmy:  That’s pretty close.

tomk:  Well, she didn’t invent metalbending, so how good can she be?

jimmy:  Not as good as Toph apparently.

tomk:  Didn’t you invent beerbending?

jimmy:  Not quite as useful.

tomk:  Especially since I think you just bend your elbow to get the beer to your mouth.

jimmy:  You know about beer bending too?!?

tomk:  I watched you do it at the last staff meeting.

jimmy:  You’re a quick study. Not the kind that will get trapped together in their own steel cage.

tomk:  Together with whom?

jimmy:  Anyone.

tomk:  What if it’s someone I want to be trapped with?

jimmy:  It’s not. It’s Watson.

tomk:  Watson is anyone. But so is Salma Hayek.

jimmy:  If you can get her, my hat’s off to you.

tomk:  I asked nicely.


tomk:  She didn’t answer.  I don’t know Salma Hayek.

jimmy:  Yet.

tomk:  You’d probably get stuck with the Moose.  Or some guru trying to teach you a lesson.

jimmy:  Hopefully the guru.

tomk:  He doesn’t shower.

jimmy:  And the moose does?

tomk:  I’ve seen that Moose out by the waterfall.

jimmy:  Smart moose.

tomk:  He’s your friend. He must be smart.


tomk:  But while we were horrified by Azula, disappointed by Zuko, and impressed by Toph, other things happened.

jimmy:  Yeah, Aang turned into Luke Skywalker.

tomk:  He lost a hand?

jimmy:  No. But was knee deep in important training and then ran off before finishing to help his friends.

tomk:  Did he at least help his friends?

jimmy:  About as successfully as Luke in Empire.

tomk:  So…Sokka is frozen in carbonite and on his way to the pirates’ hideout with an assist from June the bounty hunter, the woman who road a giant thing with a good sense of smell?

jimmy:  Something like that.

tomk:  Wow.  I think we watched different episodes somehow.

jimmy:  It ended with Aang defeated and the Earth Nation conquered.  Would you call that helping?

tomk:  Did they save the Earth King at least?

jimmy:  Yes.

tomk:  And his bear?

jimmy:  …yes?  I can’t recall now.

tomk:  You don’t recall how Azula’s sidekick Mai just shrugged and said the Aang Gang could just take the bear?

jimmy:  Haha. Right.

tomk:  I suppose next you forgot the bear had the Earth Kingdom’s nuclear codes under his hat.

jimmy:  I did.

tomk:  But you probably remembered that Azula just ignored Zuko’s duel challenge.

jimmy:  She could more easily defeat him with subterfuge.

tomk:  She sure does remind me of your favorite GOT character, the Waif.

jimmy:  I don’t hate her like certain GOT characters, but she’s certainly evil.

tomk:  Well, she doesn’t cause fear just by standing up.

jimmy:  By sitting down?

tomk:  Maybe.

jimmy:  Everyone enjoys a good sit.

tomk:  But hey, Jimmy, we’re two seasons down with one more to go.  You must be excited for what comes next since Aang still has to learn firebending.

jimmy:  He says he never will.

tomk:  He has to.  The Avatar has to master all four elements.  It’s a rule.

jimmy:  Aang’s not conventional.

tomk:  I think he’ll learn something.  He just needs the right teacher.

jimmy:  He did enter the Avatar state, until Azula fried him.

tomk:  He was following directions of letting everything go…while also trying to save the person he had to let go.

jimmy:  Conflict!

tomk:  I think Aang’s personal goal is to find a way to do things that even all the past avatars didn’t.

jimmy:  Given Toph can bend metal, there’s definitely precedent.

tomk:  All metals come from the ground, so there’s no reason an earthbender couldn’t do that.

jimmy:  But no one ever had.

tomk:  Maybe if you don’t tell anyone what they can’t do, they end up doing it.

jimmy:  Or necessity is the mother of invention.

tomk:  Really?  Like how to learned how to lock Watson in the bathroom without the use of a key?

jimmy:  Locking him out of the bathroom was better.

tomk:  Then he used a bottle in the hallway.

jimmy:  You win some, you lose some.

tomk:  We all lost some that day.

jimmy:  Not like the Aang Gang lost.

tomk:  You seem to have lost all hope in our stalwart heroes.

jimmy:  Nah.  There’s still a season to go.

tomk:  So they needed to lose this one?

jimmy:  They didn’t need to.

tomk:  Why?  You wanted a quiet, peaceful, and uneventful season three?

jimmy:  Ah, no.

tomk:  You want excitement?

jimmy:  Do I?!?

tomk:  Will it raise your blood pressure too much?

jimmy:  My blood pressure is good.

tomk:  Would the guru approve?

jimmy:  I don’t know. He seems pretty easy going as long as you don’t mess with his chakras.

tomk:  He probably wants you to let go of all your connections, like the beer in your mancave and the donut stash.

jimmy:  To save the world?  Sure.

tomk:  You need to save the world now? From what?

jimmy:  Nothing. I’m just being prepared.

tomk:  Ok then. So why do the donut stash raids make you mad?

jimmy:  They’re my donuts!

tomk:  You gotta learn to let go of your attachments.

jimmy:  Or I’ll never reach the Mooseatar state.

tomk:  Oddly enough, you can get there faster if you eat more donuts.

jimmy:  I think that’s called a sugar high.

tomk:  That sounds like something from another chat.

jimmy:  We’re gonna need some sugar benders.

tomk:  I got a guy for that.

jimmy:  Delicious.

tomk:  Thank you, Lt. Worf.

jimmy:  Riker the last egg bender.

tomk:  You’re up to bending all kinds of things right now. Toph bends a little iron, and now you think anything can get bent.

jimmy:  Can Toph bend the iron in our blood?

tomk:  You might want to hold off on that thought for now.

jimmy:  Ominous.

tomk:  Do you think the Aang Gang trusts Iroh?

jimmy:  Good question. He has helped them out numerous times. Gives good advice and makes the best tea. Hard to fault him.

tomk:  Toph trusts him, and she knows when people lie.

jimmy:  There you go.

tomk:  Like when you said you didn’t take the bake sale’s cupcakes.

jimmy:  I didn’t. Ask Toph.

tomk:  She’s not here. I asked a Magic 8-Ball.

jimmy:  How did that go?

tomk:  “Answer unclear. Ask again later.”

jimmy:  See?  Innocent.

tomk:  Sounds more like a hung jury.

jimmy:  Either way, sounds like I’m off the hook.

tomk:  Good for you. So what did you think of Sokka’s dad?

jimmy:  He was cool. Proud of his son.

tomk:  A lot like his kid too.

jimmy:  Sokka’s proud of his son?

tomk:  Sokka’s father is proud of Sokka…and has a similar sense of humor.

jimmy:  Apple, tree, etc.

tomk:  But he seems like a good dad.

jimmy:  He does. Too bad Sokka had to leave so soon.

tomk:  Maybe he can help the Aang Gang out in the future.

jimmy:  I’m sure it will be all hands on deck for season three. And maybe he’ll get to see his daughter.

tomk:  Maybe. The good guys could use some better times.

jimmy:  No doubt.

tomk:  I mean, Aang lost, Ba Sing Se fell, Iroh was captured, and Zuko disappointed everyone.

jimmy:  Only one way to go after that.

tomk:  Everyone dies when Sozin’s Comet comes along?

jimmy:  It’s going to be a dark season.

tomk:  You only say that because you remember the solar eclipse is coming.

jimmy:  tomk:  Was there another reason?

jimmy:  You said everyone dies.

tomk:  With a question mark, Jimmy.

jimmy:  Nobody dies. Only Jet.

tomk:  He might be feeling better.  He may even go for a walk.

jimmy:  On the wild side?

tomk:  He just doesn’t want to go on the cart.

jimmy:  Who does?

tomk:  You don’t wanna know the answer to that one.

jimmy:  Fair enough.

tomk:  But that was season two. Aang is going to have to work harder in the future to save the day.

jimmy:  That’s a given. Especially with his failure to finish season two.

tomk:  He still has time as soon as he gets over being dead.

jimmy:  I hear that can take a while.

tomk:  Depends on how good the special water is.

jimmy:  It’s water, how special can it be?

tomk:  Katara used the special spirit water Pakku gave her back in the season premiere.

jimmy:  It’s still water.  Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

tomk:  Well, if Aang did die permanently in the Avatar State, there wouldn’t have been any more Avatars.

jimmy:  That would be bad.

tomk:  But he didn’t, and there will be another Avatar later.

jimmy:  Spoilers!

tomk:  Um, OK.

jimmy:  Phew!

tomk:  Maybe if we move on, you won’t have to worry so much about spoilers.

jimmy:  Maybe.

tomk:  Or do you have more to say about the Earth King or something?

jimmy:  He needs a new job.

tomk:  He still has a bear.

jimmy:  But no kingdom.

tomk:  Maybe he’s happier getting away from all that pressure and seeing more of the world.

jimmy:  The end of the world has its upsides.

tomk:  That could just lead to a new and better world.

jimmy:  Let’s hope so.

tomk:  Wanna find out?  Because there’s only one place Aang can go to learn firebending.

jimmy:  Red Lobster?

tomk:  That’s for endless shrimp.

jimmy:  Oh.  Fire Nation?

tomk:  Probably. And he’ll need a teacher.

jimmy:  Iroh?

tomk:  Maybe.

jimmy:  Only one way to find out.

tomk:  Ready?

jimmy:  Ready.

NEXT TIME:  Tom and Jimmy will return soon with their thoughts for the start of Book Three with the episodes “The Awakening” and “The Headband.”