July 16, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Wonder Woman #4 (December, 2023)

Diana grants a dying boy a wish while the Sovereign plots against her.

Back to Tom King’s Wonder Woman run, where a toxic male secret king of the United States wants to bring her down for some reason.

Mostly because he’s a toxic male sort of guy.

Issue:  Wonder Woman #4, December 2023

Writer:  Tom King

Artists:  Daniel Sampere and Belen Ortega

The Plot:  Diana does charity work while the Sovereign makes his next move.

Commentary:  How can an old man, even one armed with the Lasso of Lies, possibly stop the Amazing Amazon?  Well, the key to the character, as seen here when he uses his Black Lasso to manipulate a fairly well-adjusted young man to do something in service to the Sovereign’s ideology, is to understand what the Sovereign is, and that’s not really a physical threat per se.  Basically, the Sovereign is not so much a man or an adversary as a stand-in for a certain sense of patriarchy held by many men in the real world, and he does what he does to maintain that power.

Oh, and he acts like a total king, seen in this issue bossing around an unnamed American President because I guess democracy is for suckers.

But on the other side of things, there’s Diana taking a young boy, dying of an unnamed illness, to Themyscria because the boy idolizes her.  That means getting permission from Queen Nubia and all (the kid is a male child), but it’s an act of kindness and charity for a boy that stands in sharp contrast to what the Sovereign is doing on his end.  I know Diana can’t just punch an old man out, but something tells me I will enjoy seeing this guy fall.

As for the Trinity back-up story where Jon Kent and Damien Wayne hang out with what looks like Diana’s daughter, it’s a fun story, but I’m not sure why it’s here.  I like it.  It’s fun.  But why is it here?  Do they need to give Daniel Sampere less pages so he can keep his schedule?  Oh well.

Grade:  B+