July 22, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: The Amazing Spider-Man #107 (April, 1971)

Spidey has to get away from Professor Smythe's deadliest Spider-Slayer yet!

Will Spidey escape from the diabolical clutches of…wait, of course he will.  This is Professor Smythe, not the Green Goblin in this issue.

Issue:  The Amazing Spider-Man #107, April 1971

Writer:  Stan Lee

Artist:  John Romita Sr

Canada’s Greatest Spider-Fan: Jimmy Impossible

The Plot:  Smythe has Spidey right where he wants him, but he won’t kill him.  That would make sense.

Commentary:  I love it that this issue would have me believe that Professor Smythe is somehow a real threat to Spider-Man.  The guy is some kind of weird scientist.  Why would his piloting the Spider-Slayer make it more formidable?  Is he a master of video games or something and he used a PS4 controller to run the thing?  All I know is, he could have avoided a lot of problems if he just killed Spidey instead of gassing him from time to time and only when he’s paying attention to when Spidey is getting closer to breaking loose.

I mean, I don’t want to advocate the Death of Spider-Man or anything, but man, Professor Smythe should have stuck to robotics because, as a criminal, he’s not very good at it.  He and his gang keep talking about how they can get around the cops and rob banks because Spider-Man has been subdued.  Because, you know, there are no other superheroes in Marvel’s version of New York City.

Besides, if Smythe was so smart, wouldn’t he have figured out that Spidey would have sabotaged the Spider-Slayer before Smythe got back?  I mean, I figured he did, and I’m not a Professor.  Well, not a robotics expert.  Some might think I am  professor.  Others might call me the gangster of love.  Please don’t call me Maurice.

Anyway, the series may be taking a more serious turn as Flash Thompson seems to have PTSD due to his time in Vietnam.  I did not have that on my Amazing Spider-Man bingo card.

Grade:  A