July 18, 2024

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Barry “710N”

Season Three, Episode Six

If there’s an ongoing theme to this series’s third season, it may be that the chickens are coming home to roost for Barry Berkman while some people just try to be something like a decent human being.

However, as much as I would normally take a moment to discuss the general plot of the episode and the things I liked, the things I liked here was something I wasn’t exactly expecting:  the directing of the episode by series star/creator Bill Hader.  It’s the sort of thing that I wasn’t really expecting because, well, Hader took some real challenges here.

To be clear, there’s some genuinely funny bits here, including a reoccurring bit where everyone seems to go to the same guy in a beignet-selling bakery for advice, and he seems to give good advice no matter who they are.  That, and everyone loves the beignets.

But then there are these moments throughout the episode that shows Hader’s trying something cool.  That can be just something as simple as Gene trying to make things up to former flame Annie while the two are standing in front of wall-sized mirror.  Where was the camera and crew?  Beats me.  That’s pretty cool.

Then there’s the big action set piece as these bikers, alerted (falsely) by Fuches that Barry got one’s brother killed, try to take Barry down with varying degrees of incompetence.  The lead biker is Taylor’s sister Traci, and they’re after Barry because he screwed Taylor over for a hot tub, but there’s an interstate chase, and even a really great shot of Traci on top of a used car dealership shooting down at Barry hiding inside until a bystander, the owner, comes out and blows her away with a shotgun, allowing Barry to just casually walk away.

Heck, the final few moments where Barry gets poisoned by the one person in the episode that he wronged that was never seen talking to Fuches, well…that sure works.

Funny what happens when Barry has an actually competent opponent.

Man, I never thought I’d be waxing euphoric for a comedy series’s action scenes as directed by a former SNL castmember…