July 21, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Sentry #1 (December, 2023)

The Sentry is dead. Why are random people gaining his powers and memories?

What’s this?  A Sentry series that may not feature the Sentry?

This I gotta see.

Issue:  The Sentry #1, December 2023

Writer:  Jason Loo

Artist:  Luigi Zagaria

The Plot:  Is there a new Sentry in town?  Or maybe more than one of them?

Commentary:  The Sentry is, at first glance, kind of an odd character.  He’s both a Superman knock-off and a character that theoretically should have never returned after his first mini-series appearance since part of his whole deal was people literally did not remember him.  Heck, when the mini-series was coming along, Marvel Marketing even played up the idea that his creator Stan Lee didn’t remember him either.  It was a clever conceit.

But then Brian Michael Bendis put him on the Avengers and the guy kept coming back in ways that made him, for me, less special with each appearance.  I did read Jeff Lemire’s Sentry mini-series that ended with the Sentry, the Void, and Bob Reynolds all more of less one being that flew off and that was that.  What, then, is this new series?

Well, it has a mystery, and arguably Jessica Jones may be more of a main character in this first issue than anyone else as random people just all seem to be gaining the Sentry’s vast powers.  The thing is, well, they also seem to be having a flash of his memories right before the powers kick in, and these people may or may not be able to control the power.  Oh, and not all of them may actually be shining examples of humanity if you catch my drift.

So, that’s an interesting premise.  This first issue is maybe a bit above average, but nothing really terrible either.  I’m still hoping for more of a feel for what’s happening, so I may read more, but I don’t plan to review any more issues at this time unless something really impressive happens.

Grade:  C+