June 19, 2024

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Sweet Home “Episode 2”

Season Two, Episode Two

I had come across some criticism of the second season for this series about how it seemed to be more about new characters than old ones, sidelining many who survived season one.  I can chalk a lot of that up to the fact that apparently the original webtoon the series was based on was covered entirely by season one.

But that doesn’t mean I like what I see.

It doesn’t mean I dislike it either, but the feel for this season is…different.  Yeah, that’s a good way to look at it.  The sort of gonzo-crazy nonsense of the first season seems to have been replaced by a more serious show.  And then factor in that a good portion of this episode has most of the season one survivors heading back to the Green Home setting of season one and getting chased out by some of the monsters that were left there.  Oh, and the giant fetus monster turned into what looked like her human self, only covered in goo, dazed, and not much else.  But the monster missing half its head and the eyeball monster were there and had to be evaded.

That’s before the bus carrying the survivors picks up some hobo with a shotgun.  I wouldn’t mind more of a hobo with a shotgun, truth be told.

Now, all this was done because Eun-yu didn’t want to believe her adopted brother Eun-hyuk was really dead.  He was turning into a monster at the end of season one, but maybe he won’t be a particularly evil one.  Or he is dead and I don’t need to worry about it.

However, I said before this season feels different, and that’s not just because half of the really distinctive characters were killed off in season one and the remainder appear to be off elsewhere, like how Hyun-su let himself be captured for medical experiments that don’t seem to be working out for him.  Season one was often crazy and nuts, where a young woman might dodge a spider-monster while dashing through the vents in her underwear one minute before ramming a giant monster with a fire truck a couple episodes later.  Here, the world seems crueler somehow.

Take the survivors.  There’s one guy there complaining about picking up the hobo (not knowing he has a shotgun), and said guy is saying you can’t trust anyone because none of the monsters are trustworthy.  Then he turns into one, and while fights with monsters happen in this show, and they aren’t above killing characters, this one killed a young girl, one of the two children who had survived the series so far.  That’s kinda dark.

Likewise, Hyun-su is watching while he’s left alone in an arena with another monster that stops attacking him before it settles down and some scientists kill it.  Said scientists could be working on a vaccine, but they said they already have one and don’t see the need to make more.  That’s more along the “who are the real monsters” level of storytelling, but the point stands.  The show seems darker and more intense.  Season one, the tell-tale nosebleeds looked like gushers to the point where you might wonder if the human body can stand to lose that much blood.  Here, they’re conducting medical experiments on monsters, using civilians as slave labor to clear rubble, and it just feels different to me.

I dunno, maybe this show isn’t what I thought it was.