June 19, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Witches Of The Mist”

Savage Opress gets his hate on.

Man, the Dark Side sucks.

And not for the reason that statement might initially make you think.

No, I don’t mean the Dark Side is awful and evil.  I mean, it is, but this time, it’s more like the Dark Side’s chosen ones are really, really bad at what they do.  They may be powerful, but that may be the only thing keeping them from losing the war.

See, between Mother Talzin, Savage Opress, Count Dooku, and Asajj Ventress, I am beginning to think it’s a wonder these people have gotten themselves killed by now.  Mother Talzin may be the best of the bunch, but the others?  Opress is a monster, killing people left and right, up to and including kings he’s supposed to take alive.  Ventress and Dooku both berate the guy while expecting him to side with them against the other.  Plus, Dooku is a lousy teacher who uses Force Lightning anytime Opress disappoints him.

The scene where Dooku tries to show Opress how to use the Force to lift heavy objects is a nice reminder of the time Yoda tried to do the same for Luke in Empire Strikes Back, right down to the student’s assertion that the thing he is being asked to lift is too heavy.  The difference is Yoda just gives Luke a philosophy lesson while Dooku shoots Opress up with Force Lightning until Opress finally lifts the heavy stuff.

To be fair, Opress then turns out to be really good at using the Force to lift or shove things.

So, naturally, when Ventress and Dooku come to blows by the end of the episode, Opress finally snaps and decides they both suck, leading to a  three-way lightsaber battle where all three end up escaping in the end.  Granted, Obi-Wan and Anakin show up and hold Opress off a bit, and they only escape when they realize everyone they’re looking for seems to have flown away in an escape pod.

Maybe if the Dark Siders didn’t go out of their way to turn on each other, treat their fellow travelers better, this sort of thing wouldn’t happen.  I get the impression Mother Talzin knows that.  Must be why she sends Opress off to find his missing brother, some guy assumed dead named Darth Maul.

Huh, no wonder Opress looks like Maul.