June 19, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Avengers Twilight #1 (January, 2024)

Steve Rogers comes out of retirement to make sure people remember who the heroes are.

So, this week after a round of Ultimate Marvel books, how about a quick review for one other Marvel book that’s not set in the same continuity?

That would be the future-set Avengers Twilight, set in a world where there are no heroes anymore.

Issue:  Avengers Twilight #1, January 2024

Writers:  Chip Zdarksy and Ralph Macchio

Artists:  Daniel Acuna and Walt Simonson

The Plot:  Steve Rogers is an old man who doesn’t like what he sees.

Commentary:  First off…Macchio and Simonson did a back-up story where Loki, still in his supervillain days, rants about how he caused the Avengers to form.  It’s a nice story, noteworthy mostly for who drew it (Macchio is OK, but Simonson is always a bigger draw).

But the main story is set in a future time period where many of the old heroes are dead or missing, and the ones left are broken old men and women who don’t really hold sway anymore.  Steve Rogers’s Super Soldier Serum apparently wore off, and he’s depressed at what he sees with the Big Brother-ish monitoring and the “Iron Cops” being a little too quick to bust heads for minor crimes.  Luke Cage’s unbreakable skin now means he can barely move, and Matt Murdock is basically a social advocate trying to help people through the courts.  As for the rest?  Well, the issue doesn’t say too much.

That may be due to the fact that Jimmy Stark, son of Tony and the Wasp, is running Stark Industries, and he’s nothing like either of his parents, a spoiled wannabe who seems quick to be like everyone else and maybe give the Red Skull a pass as a misunderstood fellow who was never allowed to be himself or let his good intentions be known to the wider world since this is a world where only the heroes know what happened, and you’re just gonna take their word for it?

Apparently, something bad went down in the past, something that left a lot of people, even heroes like Spider-Man, dead.  But the thing is, you can only turn America into a dictatorship for so long before Captain America has had enough of that, and man, Tony Stark doesn’t look too good from what little I saw of him.

It might be time to get the band back together.

Grade:  A-