June 19, 2024

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Barry “crazytimesh*tshow”

Season Three, Episode Five

You can’t fool me, Barry.  I recognized Laura San Giocomo.  There’s no way you only got her for one episode.

Joe Mantegna?  Yeah, he does one line bits on The Simpsons all the time, so he may not be back after this one.

Here’s a thought I never thought I would have had:  Barry and Gene aren’t that different.

OK, they are.  Gene, as far as I know, was never a contract killer.  And sure, Fuches is out there telling all kinds of people that Barry killed their loved ones (even in a few cases where Barry didn’t because Fuches is that sort of guy), but that doesn’t change the fact that both Barry and Gene have hurt a lot of people in their lives and have only a half-assed idea at best how to make up for that sort of thing.  Gene’s efforts may actually be working better as he may be a bit more sincere that late in his life.

But there’s that angry ex at Mantegna’s place who seems like she isn’t buying it.  I mean, Gene’s an actor.  I don’t know how sincere he is since he could be, you know, acting.  He is buying good will with literal blood money in some cases and leaving out key details on his relationship with Barry in others, but he might finally be trying to do right by others.  Maybe.  His crimes were arguably of a more petty variety than anything else, so maybe that will work out for the better.  No one ended up dead because of Gene except for indirectly Detective Moss.

By the by, yeah, one of Barry’s old comrades-in-arms is now the Fed in charge of the investigation, but I don’t really want to say too much about that or the duel raids on the Chechen drug warehouse by both the cops and the hyper-competent Bolivians.  I will say it is appropriate for Hank to hide in a closet when Cristobal’s angry wife shows up to take him back at gunpoint.  But as far as Hank and Cristobal go…isn’t it kinda odd that those two are both the best and the worst guys that Barry can go to for advice?  The advice itself, on how to deal with the Sally situation, is decent in many ways, but these guys are crimelords.  I think.  I’m not sure how high up in their respective organizations these guys actually are.

That leads back to Barry’s attempts to let Sally know through what can best be described as a childish art project, mostly because it looks like something a child might do.  Heck, it might have worked.  Sally was vulnerable after her show was canceled within hours  by the streaming service she was working for because the algorithm didn’t like it, and Barry was being comforting in a good way.  You know, until he offered to psychologically torture the woman in charge of the service.  That might have been a step or seventeen too far.

What’s worse is that Barry doesn’t seem to realize what he was suggesting was, you know, monumentally messed up.  Barry thought he was being helpful by suggesting a variety of methods to slowly drive a woman insane without physically laying a hand on her.  Stuff like resizing her furniture, taking pictures of her sleeping, and the like.

Barry, you have problems, and not just the kind that accidentally shoot the wrong people in a half-assed pursuit of vengeance.