June 19, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Monster”

Ventress finds Count Dooku a new apprentice.

Oh hey!  A new villain, and he’s voiced by Clancy Brown!  That’s sure to be make for a memorable bad guy because, well, that usually happens when Clancy Brown voices a bad guy.

So, here’s the deal:  Ventress was nearly killed by Dooku, under orders from Sideous, since Sideous believed Dooku was plotting to overthrow Sideous with Ventress as the new apprentice.  It’s that Sith “rule of two” thing all over again, mostly because when you get that many backstabbing, ambitious people in a room together, they tend to stab each other as much as they do other people.  Regardless, Ventress went home to Dathomir to get help from Mother Talzin and the Nightsisters to get vengeance on Dooku.

That first attempt failed because Dooku was able to fight off Ventress and two of her sidekicks with his eyes literally closed.  The only saving grace was Dooku thought it was the Jedi that came to assassinate him in the middle of the night.  You know, something the Jedi do all the time.

But wait!  Dooku might be in the market for a new apprentice and Dathomir is pretty good for those sorts of things.  Ventress can just go to a male-group to find a guy there to be her weapon to take down the Count.  And hey, these guys all look a lot like Darth Maul.  Mostly because these are Maul’s people, and into the ring steps the Brown-voice Savage Opress.

His name is pronounced in the French way for easy reference.  SA-VA-ge instead of saa-vage.

Now, Savage has a brother with him, Feral, because all these guys have edgy names.  At first, Savage protects his brother, even to the point of taking on Ventress solo to protect Feral.  That doesn’t work, but it does get him the job, namely one where he is immediately brainwashed with the Force, supercharging him and making him Ventress’s pawn where he first kills Feral then joins Dooku to take down a small Jedi outpost by himself where he easily kills a Jedi and even more easily a padawan.

Oh, and Dooku really was plotting against Sideous.

See, this is why DC’s Crime Syndicate never had more than five or so members.  Bad guys just can’t trust each other.