June 19, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Ultimate X-Men #1-2 (March-April, 2024)

In Japan, a new group of mutants may be challenging the status quo. Or not.

Um, what the hell was that?

Issues:  Ultimate X-Men #1-2, March-April 2024

Writer and Artist:  Peach Momoko

The Plot:  Young Hisako Ichiki finds her life turning weird when a living shadow comes into her life.

Commentary:  Before I go too far, I don’t think this is a bad comic.  What it is, as far as I can tell, is a very different sort of comic from what I might have expected as the series seems to be more along the lines of a kid-friendly manga than a X-Men comic.  That’s fine in and of itself.  The series is set firmly in Japan.  The protagonist is a young teenage girl, namely Hisako “Armor” Ichiki, and the villain of the piece may be the Shadow King.  Are mutants feared and hated?  I’m not sure.

And that, basically, is where I come down on this comic.  I’m not really 100% sure where it’s going.  The intro pages mention that the secret world cabal has Japan under the thumb of known baddies Sunfire, Silver Samurai, and Viper.  None of those characters appear in this comic or are even mentioned.  Instead, it’s a story about how Hisako is dealing  with how her only friend committed suicide at some point, making her more of an outcast than she was before, and some living Shadow is trying to get her to do…something?  All while torturing the people who pushed her friend to his death and make her life miserable suffer and die on their own.  And sometimes, Hisako has a giant transparent samurai appear to protect her.  You know, her armor.

But wait!  This title is “X-Men,” suggesting a team, so surely Hisako will get an ally at some point.  She does!  An outgoing weird girl with white hair and lightning bolt earrings befriends her at one point, and she seems to have some mild weather powers.  So, there’s a teenage Japanese version of Storm here, but there’s also a more traditional-looking Storm over in Ultimate Black Panther.

Where is all this going?  Is it set in the same universe as the other Ultimate titles?  I’d almost prefer it wasn’t, to be perfectly honest.  It seems like an odd fit, and while I don’t need the title to fit into a greater Marvel continuity, I am not sure I would have read this one otherwise.

Well, I’ll try a few more issues and see where that takes me then.  It was entertaining if nothing else, and there wasn’t anything distinctly wrong with it aside from being “not my usual thing.”

Grade:  B