June 19, 2024

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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia “Charlie Wants An Abortion”

Season One, Episode Two

Well, first an episode about racism, next one about abortion.  This series pretty much guarantees I can’t do an episode write-up at work.

So, as I noted with the first episode, this series is still ironing out the details on the characters, most notably Charlie and Dee.  I don’t think there’s been a single mention so far that Dee and Dennis are twins.  Likewise, Charlie seems…off.  Charlie is the closest member of the Gang to be at all sympathetic as the series goes on.  The others may have their moments, and Charlie is just as prone to greed and bad behavior as the others, but Charlie also has a suggested backstory that may explain why he is the way he is.  He also comes across as childlike and maybe a little mentally slow.  He’s not a good guy or anything, but he is the one person there that might come across as someone who could be a decent person.

Just remember, he really isn’t.

This episode is still developing the characters, and when the topic of abortion comes up, the Gang falls into different camps.  Mac, displaying some outwardly Christian beliefs that he will ditch as soon as he finds it convenient, is pro-life, Dee is pro-choice, Dennis will go to the protest side he thinks will allow him to pick up a woman, and Charlie isn’t involved since he may have a son.  A high school girlfriend tells him he has a ten year old boy at the start of the episode, and Charlie, well, he wants to know why she came to tell him that ten years after the fact.  She says she doesn’t want any money or anything, which is good since Charlie doesn’t really have any money or even insurance, but he’s suspicious.

Besides, the kid is an absolute monster, and not in the way that Charlie can be.  Maybe a cross between Dennis and Mac if I were to hazard a guess.

As it is, this episode seems to exist to show the Gang aren’t the only horrible people in Philadelphia.  Mac gets some freaky sex with a pro-life hottie not long after he lied about killing abortion doctors.  Dennis gets pelted by eggs from both sides of a protest when he tries to literally hop the fence to try and get some nookie from the pro-life protesters when the pro-choice protesters get offended that he’s only there to pick up women.  And the woman who claimed Charlie was Tommy’s dad lied:  the real father left her and she figured anyone would be a better role model that that jerk.

The closest Charlie comes to doing something good in this episode is when he tries to get the man to go back to his son, and it turns out the son is a chip off the old block.

Then again, Charlie took the boy with him even after he learned the kid wasn’t his son to try and impress the Waitress with a Big Brother/Big Sister sort of outing.  Too bad the others were so busy at the protest that Charlie had to run Paddy’s Pub by himself and the boy got drunk when Charlie wasn’t looking.  Is that Charlie’s fault?  Kinda, but it only really bothers the Waitress.  I never saw what the kid’s mother thought.

Maybe Charlie isn’t that good a role model either.