June 18, 2024

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Weekend Trek “Favorite Son”

Harry may be the rare male from a mostly female alien race.

What’s this?  Guest appearances from Kristanna Loken (the female Terminator from one of the lesser sequences) and Patrick Fabian (Howard from Better Call Saul) pop up in this one.

It doesn’t end well for one of them.

So, what makes a Harry Kim episode?  Harry, as a character, is known for getting something of the short shift in this series.  This episode here is a Harry-based episode, and for the life of me, I don’t see why.

OK, a short plot summary:  some weird circumstances are filling Harry with some really accurate deja vu that at one point prompts him to fire upon an alien ship that seemed harmless enough.  It turned out the ship was prepping to fire, but then Harry grows some weird spots and finds the planet Taresia.  Most of the residents of Taresia are women, and the lone guy down there (Fabian) seems to be just enjoying himself because, you know, hot chicks.  The Taresians claim that Harry is a male of their race, taken far away by explorers in their race to Earth, and…wait, why did Janeway never ask about their travel technology if they could get to the Alpha Quadrant?

Now, the Doctor does figure out that Harry isn’t an alien and that it was a virus or something, and the whole thing was a tactic used where males of different races are lured to their world and then all of their DNA gets sucked out to impregnate three women in some kind of alien bondage.  The male dies (see, Fabian has a bad end), and Harry was already wanting to go back to Voyager while Janeway tries to negotiate safe passage past the other aliens who don’t like the Taresians all that much.

That leads me back to the original question:  what makes a Harry Kim episode?

On the surface, there is something to be said about Harry’s general decency and attention to his duties.  That basically is Harry.  Maybe he’s still pining for his girlfriend Libby back home, but the thing is, Harry wants to leave not long after he even gets to Taresia.  He doesn’t want to marry three women at the same time, and he even uses the bondage ropes to get away for a few minutes.  But wouldn’t any of the other members of the main cast have done the same thing?  I mean, this is 90s sci-fi, so the idea that a bunch of hot dudes would want one of the female members of the crew is a bit less likely.  As for the men, I can see Paris and Chakotay being used instead of Harry, but Harry’s naivete would be needed to make the episode a bit more of a Harry episode.  Paris would be enjoying himself too much while Chakotay would have probably been more hesitant to go that far.  As for the other men, Neelix is probably not going to be used for something like this.  Tuvok is married and, as a Vulcan, probably more resistant to that sort of thing and would have asked too many questions.  And the Doctor, well, he’s just a hologram.

At the same time, I don’t see why this had to be a Voyager-specific story.  Could something like that have happened to Scotty or Chekov or Geordi LaForge?  I suspect it could.  There’s not much here to make this episode feel like something that could only have happened to Harry Kim in the Star Trek universe.  It’s not a bad episode or anything, but it didn’t do what a good episode should:  provide some enlightenment about what makes one of the characters tick.  Harry’s been in the spotlight a couple times, but this is the first time I was thinking what happened to him could have happened to anyone.

Except Janeway.  She’s too much of a badass.