June 19, 2024

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Sweet Home “Episode 1”

Season Two, Episode One

According to Netflix, the third season of this bizarre South Korean show will be out sometime this summer, meaning there’s a decent chance that season three will drop before I finish the season two write-ups.

Also, they apparently ran out of stuff from the source material.

That lack of source material is somewhat showing in that, well, this seems like a different show in minor ways.  Hyun-su and Sang-wook (sort of) are going off in one direction, commando-turned-firefighter-turned-commando Yi-kyung is driving around, and the rest of the survivors are being taken away by the army.  Oddly enough, all the monsters that were running around outside the building where all the action took place in season one are gone, and the most monstrous creatures on display here are, well…misunderstood?

True, Hyun-su is still a monster, but he looks human most of the time.  Sang-wook died, but the liquid monster Ui-myeong who takes over bodies.  But there is this odd idea that Sang-wook’s powerful conscience is still rattling around in the man’s new head and keeping him from being more violence.  Ui-myeong in season one decided humans weren’t trustworthy and that monsters were right to disregard him, but the overall push for season two seems to be to remind people the monsters are also human, just humans that changed.  Apparently, if they can go 15 days or so without becoming truly monstrous, they can stay somewhat human despite appearances.

That idea comes out when the episode’s monster appears, a lizard-ish thing that pops out of some rubble the army is making civilians clear, and when the panicked soldiers do their best to kill the thing, they mostly end up killing a lot of innocent people.  That comes after some soldiers beat a leukemia patient to death because he has a mild nosebleed.   Yes, the deaths are all friendly-fire as the monster’s worst behavior is knocking folks over.  When a more serious commando team shows up, it turns out the creature is a mother to a monster baby, possibly playing hide-and-seek.

Considering with all the civilians the soldiers were killing, it was the monster who helped a terrified little girl find her equally terrified mother.  The Mother Monster will be killed by episode’s end, but her baby is spared because the top commando doesn’t believe they should be killing harmless monsters, and quite frankly, it isn’t hard to see why the Mother Monster would be believed to be responsible for those deaths since these guys came along later.

The point is, I may be seeing the monsters’ view of things in this season and how they’re being hunted no matter what they do, plus the fact the government may be experimenting on them…well, this could make for a different twist if nothing else.

And yeah, there was a ten minute car chase in the opening scene, so I don’t think the show lost its gonzo style.