June 19, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: The Amazing Spider-Man #105 (February, 1972)

J Jonah Jameson wastes more money on Spider-Slayers.

Wait, Stan came back?  Man, Roy’s time on the book was short…

Issue:  The Amazing Spider-Man #105, February 1972

Writer:  Stan Lee

Artist:  Gil Kane

Honorary Arachnid:  Jimmy Impossible

The Plot:  After being humiliated yet again, Jameson gives more money to Smythe.

Commentary:  Well, I could tell Stan came back for however long he’s going to be doing more issues of this series just by how this issue goes.  Roy Thomas’s three page flashback is nowhere to be seen, the subplot involving Robbie Robertson’s protester son returns, and so does Harry Osborn after his time in the hospital following his drug overdose.  Roy’s four issues did have a feel like something Stan did, but Stan’s return sort of reminded me of where the differences were by bringing in things I had not really noticed were gone.

Then again, this is also the return of Professsor Smythe, and J Jonah Jameson is already back to tossing money at this guy so he can pilot a Spider-Slayer to bring down his best photographer.  How Jonah went from having a newspaper that almost went out of business to financing supervillainous robots, I have no idea.  Apparently, he got multiple days out of those Gog stories for some reason.  He didn’t even see what happened!

But man, Jonah is also so dumb, he doesn’t realize Smythe is the one actually controlling the Slayer, and it’s all part of a plan to take over the city using these surveillance cameras that he gave the police that are all over town.  He even finds out what Spider-Man looks like under the mask by issue’s end!

That means he’s probably gonna die next issue, doesn’t it?

Eh, Peter couldn’t beat the Slayer, so he’ll need to figure that out too.  At least it’s unlikely that Smythe will know who he is right away.  I mean, did Smythe know Peter?  Wait, I think he did…

Grade:  A-