June 19, 2024

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Characters Case File #479: Hunter’s Moon

Moon Knight isn't the only Fist of Khonshu.

Every so often, I come across a fairly new character, one that may get somewhere in an established characters’ lore, but that remains to be seen if other creators don’t do much with said character.  I can see a character like that slip through the cracks once the character’s creators move on to other books as often happens.

The point is, I don’t know how long Hunter’s Moon will continue to hang around once the current Moon Knight creative team moves on.

Hunter’s Moon is Dr. Yehya Badr, and he first appeared in Moon Knight #1 in July of 2021 by writer Jed Mackay and artist Alessandro Cappuccio, and he popped up in his Hunter’s Moon costume a few issues later.  Initially, he was set up in a more antagonistic role to Marc Spector’s Moon Knight, but that didn’t last very long.  See, the concept here is rather brilliant:  Moon Knight is the “Fist of Khonshu,” the mortal instrument that does the bidding of the Egyptian moon god on Earth.  But Hunter’s Moon is also the Fist of Khonshu because, Khonshu has two fists like most human-shaped deities would have.  Spector just didn’t know about the other guy for a while there.

Dr. Badr, I presume?

Now, to show why these two guys started off on the wrong foot, I should probably explain a bit about the main difference between Spector and Badr in this respective roles as Khonshu’s fists;  Badr is a true believer in Khonshu’s doctrines, and Spector seems to know better than to give Khonshu free rein.  Spector has long had a more contentious relationship with Khonshu, and the set-up storyarc for this particular Moon Knight series showed Khonshu effectively taking over Spector and using Moon Knight to gather various ancient powers such as Dr. Strange’s magic, Iron Fist’s fist, and Thor’s hammer as prep to deal with Mephisto over in Jason Aaron’s Avengers run, a turn that allowed Khonshu to blanket the Earth in darkness and briefly take over the planet.  Spector, once freed from Khonshu’s influence, then started his own series where he had somehow locked Khonshu away but opened a “Midnight Mission” where he would do good deeds (in the Moon Knight fashion) in his immediate neighborhood.  That generally meant violently, but it also meant fairly.  When Spector came across some newly turned and unwilling vampires, sure, he killed the ones that made them, but he spared them due to their innocence and even hired one to work in the Mission for him.  In the Mission, he went by “Mr. Knight” and was someone anyone in the neighborhood could approach for help.

Badr, he moved in nearby and didn’t approve of Moon Knight doing things like disrespecting Khonshu or not killing vampires.  Thus, Hunter’s Moon emerged to challenge Moon Knight.  The challenge didn’t go well for Hunter’s Moon.  Sure, he had all the knowledge of previous Moon Knights and how to use their skills, but Marc Spector is kinda insane and just better at that sort of thing.

Now, part of the reason Hunter’s Moon had a thing against vampires is that all Fists of Khonshu have to basically die to get the job, and the Egyptian-born Badr was mortally wounded by vampires.  Khonshu, a god Badr already believed in, came to Badr and made him the other Fist, granting him the standard Moon Knight powers.   Now, Moon Knight doesn’t really have any powers aside from the occasional gift from Khonshu that comes with the right prayers, but they do have all the skills and knowledge of their previous Moon Knights, they generally come back from the dead when they die, and in Badr’s case, as a doctor, he knows some healing magic.

He also knows a bit more about what it means to be a Fist than Marc Spector, explaining how if Fists come back from the dead why there are previous ones.  Apparently, each resurrection removes a little something from each Fist, and they eventually become psychotic madmen, so Marc and Badr both have that to look forward to.  But after the beating Badr got from Spector, he’s learned to be a little more humane, not just killing every vampire he sees since some of them are actually trying to be good people, and has become something of a reliable partner (not sidekick) to Moon Knight.  He’s even run the Midnight Mission on occasion when Spector is unavailable, going by “Dr. Moon” to Spector’s “Mr. Knight.”

So, will Hunter’s Moon be around when Mackay and Cappuccio move on?  Only time will tell.