June 19, 2024

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Barry “all the sauces”

Season Three, Episode Four

Wait, Annabeth Gish and Joe Mantegna are in this episode?  Not bad!  Hey, the latter even plays himself.

If I were to hazard a guess about the overall theme for this episode, it may be that Barry’s demons are coming home to roost.  Lots of people have seen a glimpse here and there of the “real” Barry, and Barry has to deal with that now.  About the only one he maybe does right by is Gene, mostly because he takes a job for Hank and gives the money to Gene with a promise to never see his former teacher again, and that’s enough for Gene to decide not to take his family and flee L.A. after all.  Heck, the story Barry told about how Gene helped him and Gene’s outburst on that TV show set has boosted the old man’s career.  It still is probably a bad idea to associate with Barry, but he will anyway.

But then there’s Sally and Fuches.  I haven’t said much about the Sally plot mostly because I was waiting for some kind of payoff.  I think I got it here as Sally finally hears her co-star Katie’s concerns about Barry’s temper and realizes she needs to break it off because, well, she has this whole show going on about an abused woman escaping that life only to find herself maybe inching her way back into it.  Barry’s temper usually has an external reason, one she hasn’t been privy to because, well, hardly anyone has, and she isn’t wrong about it, but I likewise think she maybe had little to worry about there as long as she never finds out what Barry used to do for a living.

I say that knowing full well this is a TV show where Sally will eventually have to learn what Barry used to (still does?) do for a living.

As for Fuches, he decided the thing to do is tell some of the loved ones of Barry’s other victims who Barry is, all apparently because Barry wasn’t grateful for all that Fuches did for him.  And…wow, that is a take all right.  I know there isn’t a single emotionally healthy person in the main cast, but Fuches raises things to a whole new level for himself here, looking at what Barry became as something Barry should be grateful for.  Barry had enough problems, and he didn’t really have friends before Fuches from the looks of things, but man, I don’t think Barry has anything in his life from Fuches that he should be grateful for.

And there’s one other thing Barry may want to consider being grateful for:  phone apps to detonate bombs.  Though honestly, that app had really good customer service.  That could count for something.