May 27, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Unstoppable Doom Patrol #7-8 (September-October, 2023)

It's the Doom Patrol vs. Everybody!

Yeah, I was really enjoying this mini-series, and my general policy is to not read the next issue until I reviewed the last one.  Small problem:  I just plain fell behind.  Yes, this is once again because I opted to review every issue of Knight Terrors, and I won’t be doing something like that again.

Oh, and then I forgot to cover #6.  Anyway, here’s a quick review of the final two issues of the mini-series.

Issues:  Unstoppable Doom Patrol #6-7, September-October 2023

Writer:  Dennis Culver

Artist:  Chris Burnham

The Plot:  General Immortus unleashes his master plan!

Commentary:  Immortus, the Doom Patrol’s immortal military man enemy, had been doing some recruiting in the background for this whole series of Doom Patrol and Teen Titan enemies old and new, and here he unleashes his plan with a massive attack on the Doom Patrol headquarters, one that forces every member of the Doom Patrol and their support staff to come out swinging, including the likes of the Chief, Mento, Flex Mentallo, various young metas, and so forth.  It’s all rather fun and silly the way this series has been since the first issue.

Oh, and then the General’s plan, the sort of thing that should scare the crap out of everyone, is to somehow get to Dorothy Spinner’s corpse and, using magic, take over the power of the Candlemaker.

Yeah, this one really is a team effort as characters as diverse as Crazy Jane and Beast Girl have to come up with new ways to use their powers, and that includes getting a very specific member of Immortus’s group to switch sides.  These issues haven’t been that deep, and they’ve been weird, but not the same level of weird that came when the series was part of the Vertigo line.  It’s just been a bit of fun adventure stuff, and the issue’s promise of more on the way means I will probably check it out.

As for this mini-series, I’m giving the individual issues and the mini as a whole the same grade, so keep that in mind.

Grade:  B+