May 27, 2024

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Doctor Who “Space Babies”

The Doctor and Ruby meet some space babies, their nanny, and the Boogeyman.

Um, what the hell was that?

So, look, I know a couple things about Doctor Who, most notably that the show is a family-friendly sort of thing that kids can watch.  And while much was made of Russell T. Davies’s return to the series, his first time through did include some flatulent aliens that was clearly not a very adult sort of thing.  So, yeah, an episode about…space babies.

Talking babies.

Running a space station and hiding from a monster.

Whenever the Doctor addresses them, he calls then “babies” but then adds “space babies!”

Is this what happens when Disney money is added to the budget?

The monster, of course, is the Boogeyman, and he turns out to be made out of literal boogers.  There’s a whole lot going on here, and a whole lot of it is very, well, juvenile.  The episode started off with a trip to the past, a demonstration of the butterfly effect, and new companion Ruby Sunday temporarily turning into a butterfly woman until the Doctor brings an accidentally-killed butterfly back from the dead.

But then the episode goes to the far future and the space babies.

There was a lot of promise here.  The babies were part of an artificial birthing process, hadn’t aged in six years, and had a “NAN-E” that turned out to be a hidden accountant who felt it was wrong to leave a bunch of babies behind to die because the company decided raising them was too expensive.  Even the basic idea of the Boogeyman more or less works:  the ship’s computer knew babies needed monsters and just made one.  Even the Doctor was afraid of it at first because it roared at the frequency that produces fear.

But all that talking baby stuff…that was just too cute for me.  So yes, the Doctor will even make sure the nanny doesn’t kill the Boogeyman in the end because he preserves all life and even the babies felt bad for it, and he does figure out a way to get their space station–which is, by definition, stationary–to a nearby refugee planet, but for the life of me, I couldn’t really get into this sort of thing.  I expect Doctor Who to be kid-friendly, but two episodes into the Fifteenth Doctor’s tenure and I’ve gotten talking babies and singing goblins.

I’ve also got what I think was Ruby’s neighbor popping up among the crew of people who were protesting leaving the babies behind, and the Doctor running a DNA scan after telling Ruby he couldn’t show her her birthmother and she decided she really wanted to see adopted mother Carla.  And, in true Davies fashion, we have what may be another companion’s mother who thinks the Doctor is trouble.

Please, let the next episode not be this much like an episode of Blue’s Clues.  I really want to like the new Doctor.