May 23, 2024

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Going Through Avatar: The Last Airbender Part Eighteen

Jimmy and Tom look into "Appa's Lost Days" and "Lake Laogai."

It’s been a busy week for chat transcripts here at Gabbing Geek.  Anyway, here Jimmy and Tom have more to say about Avatar: The Last Airbender with the episodes “Appa’s Lost Days” and “Lake Laogai.”

“Appa’s Lost Days”

Appa does everything he can to get back to Aang.

jimmy:  Poor Appa.

tomk:  Wait until Aang finds out.

jimmy:  If he ever does.

tomk:  You think he won’t?

jimmy:  He probably will.  But, you never know!  Well, you know. And lots of people know. But I don’t know.

tomk:  You’ll probably find out.

jimmy:  Unless I stop watching right now!

tomk:  I suppose you could.

jimmy:  Well, I won’t!  And you can’t make me!

tomk:  I wasn’t trying to.

jimmy:  Good.  I’m glad we settled that!

tomk:  I didn’t know it needed settling.

jimmy:  Well, it is. So we’re good. Unlike Appa.

tomk:  And Suki.

jimmy:  I’m sure she’ll be fine.

tomk:  You worry more about Appa from the looks of things.

jimmy:  Appa did handle himself pretty well at times. But he’s still an animal that ended up hurt and alone.

tomk:  He’s also large, hairy, and has horns.  I can’t imagine why you might like him.

jimmy:  Hmm.


tomk:  And this episode did win an award from the Humane Society.

jimmy:  Oh really?

tomk:  Yes.

For showing how badly animals can be treated.  I’ll bet you never go to the circus again.

jimmy:  I’m not sure I went before.

tomk:  That’s what they call Watson’s office down in the mailroom.

jimmy:  Apt.

Plus, local circuses are not usually run by fire benders.

tomk:  No, they only run those big traveling shows.

jimmy:  And are they usually outsmarted by little kids and the animals?

tomk:  That’s what the awful live action remake of Dumbo taught me.

jimmy:  I wouldn’t know.

tomk:  Good for you, Jimmy.  You can go pick out a baby air bison now.

jimmy:  I’ve been looking for a new friend for life.

tomk:  Why did the Moose just gallop away crying?

jimmy:  You can have more than one.

tomk:  Does the Moose know that or did the Beaver feed him chili peppers again?

jimmy:  Leave it to Beaver!

tomk:  I think you need to have a long talk with that Beaver.

jimmy:  I will.  Or I’ll get that monk to do it.

tomk:  The monk seemed like a good egg.  He’ll probably be helpful later.

jimmy:  Unlike that bad egg Azula.

tomk:  You only say that because you’re a highly perceptive person.

jimmy:  It doesn’t take much perception for that.

tomk:  Did you perceive who took those brownies I left out to cool?

jimmy:  No.  But it wasn’t me.

tomk:  Then why do I perceive chocolate around your mouth?

jimmy:  Uh…maybe we should get back to the misadventures of Appa?

tomk:  You’re right, Jimmy. Appa clearly needs Aang.

jimmy:  And Aang needs Appa.

tomk:  And Jimmy needs candy.

jimmy:  I do like candy.

tomk:  There’s some over there.

jimmy:  They’ve got all that candy and poor Appa is trying to eat a cactus. Better than the cabbage I suppose.

tomk:  You can get those over there.

jimmy:  The circus animals seemed to like them.

tomk:  The Beaver let all those animals move into your tool shed.

jimmy:  I was wondering why the raw vegetable grocery bill was so high this month.

tomk:  You’ve been putting the Cabbage Man’s kids through college.

jimmy:  And BSSU is not cheap.

tomk:  They need to study hard to avoid going into the family business.

jimmy:  There’s always money in the cabbage stand.

tomk:  Regardless, Appa was captured, broke loose, found friends, made enemies, learned lessons, was captured again, and left you a large smelly present in your backyard.

jimmy:  A lot happened in a month.

tomk:  Just think of all the stuff you didn’t see.

jimmy:  Hopefully good stuff like Appa eating cotton candy or visiting his favorite watering hole.

tomk:  He went back to that circus and went all John Wick on ’em.


Now I want to see that.

tomk:  He held a gun in four of his six paws and started shooting.

jimmy:  Interesting, as I’ve never seen a gun on the show.

tomk:  Appa knows a guy.

jimmy:  Good. Appa needs all the friends he can get right now.

tomk:  You should be his friend.

jimmy:  I would.

tomk:  You’re everybody’s friend.

jimmy:  Not everybody’s.

tomk:  Everybody who isn’t a jerk.

People like Azula, the Waif, Wesley Crusher, and J Jonah Jameson.

jimmy:  And Watson.

tomk:  That’s a list of Azula’s real friends.

jimmy:  She’s certainly not friends with Appa or Suki.

tomk:  Or Jimmy.

jimmy:  Certainly not.

tomk:  You only make friends with nice people, not psychotic teenage girls.

jimmy:  Yes. I learned my lesson.


You needed to learn that lesson?

jimmy:  Apparently.

tomk:  Something you wanna share sometime?

jimmy:  We don’t talk about those days.

tomk:  We?

jimmy:  Anyone that’s in the know.

tomk:  Uh-huh.

jimmy:  And I didn’t have a Suki to fight for me while I got outta there.

tomk:  You’d let a teenage girl fight your battles for you?

jimmy:  You think I can fight better than Suki?

tomk:  Have you tried?

jimmy:  I’m a lover not a fighter.

tomk:  We were talking about teenage girls, Jimmy.

jimmy:  Right. Well, she’s still a better fighter than me.

tomk:  OK, Jimmy.  I’ll just let the Beaver have this gift card for this karate class.

jimmy:  Then he can also defend me.

tomk:  You trust that jerk?

jimmy:  I just don’t want to fight Azula. Is that so wrong?

tomk:  No. Have a cupcake.

jimmy:  Nice. Thanks. I’ll share with Appa.

tomk:  You’re going into the Ba Sing Se tunnel systems to deliver it?

jimmy:  If I can find the door.

tomk:  It’s over there behind those large guards.

jimmy:  Ok. You distract them with your impressions and I’ll sneak by.

tomk:  My impressions?

jimmy:  Don’t be modest.  I’ve seen you around the watercooler doing your “Watson” and “Ryan” and “Iroh”.

tomk:  That’s Greg.

jimmy:  Or is it you doing “Greg”?

tomk:  No.

jimmy:  Huh. I guess I better distract the guards then.

tomk:  The Moose chased them off already.

jimmy:  Ok!  Let’s go see Appa!

tomk:  Or we can move on to the next episode and see if Appa gets rescued.

jimmy:  If you think we’re ready.

tomk:  Did you have anything else to add?

jimmy:  Fire whips are for jerks?

tomk:  I think we knew that already.

jimmy:  True enough. Maybe we should find out something we didn’t know?  Well, that I don’t know at least.

tomk:  Like how Appa copes with Ba Sing Se State Prison?

jimmy:  Like that. Poor Appa.

tomk:  I think you’ll be happier soon.

jimmy:  I hope so.

tomk:  Yes. For one thing, there’s cake.

jimmy:  I do like cake.

tomk:  For another thing, Aang will only sit still and do nothing for only so long.

jimmy:  And can only build so many zoos.

tomk:  Would you like to see if Aang can rescue Appa?

jimmy:  I would.

tomk:  Good. Because everyone wants to get their hands on Appa.

jimmy:  No surprise.  He’s great.

tomk:  You really have come around on a show that was never even on your radar.

jimmy:  That’s true.

tomk:  You didn’t even know what an Appa was six months ago.

jimmy:  Also true.

tomk:  Now you want one for a friend.

jimmy:  Sure!

tomk:  But that won’t save Appa. Someone should.

jimmy:  Let’s do it!

tomk:  Or we could let someone on the show do it.

jimmy:  Makes more sense.

tomk:  Shall we see?

jimmy:  We shall.

“Lake Laogai”

Everyone goes looking for Appa.

jimmy:  Guess who’s back. Back again. Appa’s back. Tell a friend.

tomk:  Zuko freed him too.

jimmy:  He’s a good kid.

tomk:  Sure. Now. You used to call him a jerk.

jimmy:  He’s coming around.

tomk:  Or you are.

jimmy:  Touche.

tomk:  I did like how Zuko spent all that time sneaking into Appa’s cell but then Iroh just pops up behind him.

jimmy:  Yeah, that seemed a bit odd, but one assumes he just followed him.

tomk:  Also, it reminds us Iroh isn’t a fool. He can get a lot done on his own.

jimmy:  And he makes great tea.

tomk:  The best in Ba Sing Se!

jimmy:  Apparently.

tomk:  Iroh really cares about tea. And long-term planning.

jimmy:  Better than coffee and no planning.

tomk:  That’s probably Zuko’s preference.

jimmy:  He seems more like a coffee no planning kinda guy.

tomk:  Well, he certainly isn’t planning anything. Iroh said as much.

jimmy:  Like how he was going to get Aang out of the North in season one.

tomk:  Exactly. Have an ice cream cone.

jimmy:  Excellent.

tomk:  Would you like some ice cream to go with it?

jimmy:  Of course.

tomk:  You need to go over to Lake Laogai, get it from the Earth King.

jimmy:  He’s just a figure head.

tomk:  Does he know that?

jimmy:  I don’t know. Probably.

tomk:  He does have a bear.

jimmy:  An ordinary bear. How ordinary.

tomk:  You’re friends with an ordinary Moose.

jimmy:  But we live in a world that doesn’t have any other kinds of moose.

tomk:  Oh really?  What’s that?

jimmy:  I have no idea.

tomk:  Oh, Jimmy.  You don’t recognize a mooseal?

jimmy:  No.

tomk:  You must be watching the wrong nature documentaries.

jimmy:  Or none of them.

tomk:  Jimmy, you need to learn more about the animal kingdom before the Beaver gets the Moose arrested for indecent exposure again.

jimmy:  I’ll do that tomorrow.

tomk:  Ok. Don’t forget.

jimmy:  I won’t.

tomk:  Because you have said in the past you have a poor memory.

jimmy:  I did?

tomk:  Do you remember what you said you were going to do tomorrow?


tomk:  Ask Ju-Di.

jimmy:  Which one?

tomk:  Any of them.

jimmy:  There’s lots to choose from.

tomk:  Go with the one the Ms approves of.

jimmy:  So, none of them. Got it.

tomk:  You’re probably better off.

jimmy:  I would think so.

tomk:  You don’t wanna be brainwashed or something.

jimmy:  Like Jet.

tomk:  Or Watson since he started being nice to you.

jimmy:  In that case, brainwashing is ok.

tomk:  Even if he was just acting as a distraction so the Dai Li can swipe your Spider-Man collection to erase the hyphens?

jimmy:  I hate when that happens!

tomk:  Has that happened before?

jimmy:  I don’t want to talk about it.

tomk:  Was Jet brainwashing people you know on behalf of Long Feng?

jimmy:  He didn’t know he was brainwashed.

tomk:  And like Daredevil, Toph knew he wasn’t lying.

jimmy:  Earthbending can sure come in handy.

tomk:  And you wonder why I call her my MVP.

jimmy:  Indeed.

tomk:  I mean, Jet clearly isn’t the MVP.

jimmy:  No. Our MVPs don’t get brainwashed.

tomk:  Jet had problems since he lost all his money investing in Vandalay Industries.

jimmy:  There’s probably not much latex in their world.

tomk:  He should have thought ahead more.

jimmy:  He’s like Zuko that way.

tomk:  You don’t wanna know how Zuko lost all his money.

jimmy:  It was in cabbage stands?

tomk:  Wouldn’t you be disappointed if it was?

jimmy:  Wouldn’t matter to me.

tomk:  Good. Because the Beaver invested your money in the cabbage stand.

jimmy:  Aw man!

tomk:  There’s always money in the cabbage stand…namely yours.

jimmy:  That world sure loves their cabbages.

tomk:  You sure?  They keep destroying them.

jimmy:  I forgot to put loves in quotes.

tomk:  I’m sure it’s a better investment than you think.

jimmy:  Ask the Cabbage Man.

tomk:  Since so much of your money is invested with the guy, you might be the Cabbage Man.

jimmy:  God, I hope not.

tomk:  Did you know the voice actor for the Cabbage Man reprised the role for the live action series?

jimmy:  I did not.

tomk:  You do now. Help yourself to a brownie.

jimmy:  Delicious. Who made them?

tomk:  Not the Cabbage Man.

jimmy:  Hopefully no one from Ba Sing Se, you can’t trust those guys.

tomk:  What about Toph?

jimmy:  She’s not from there.

tomk:  She also might not be able to read a recipe.

jimmy:  Braille?

tomk:  Do they have that in Ba Sing Se?

jimmy:  Beats me.

tomk:  Would you want her as backup against the Dai Li?

jimmy:  Sure.  Toph kicks ass.

tomk:  The other kids aren’t too shabby either.

Except for Jet since he appears to have died.

jimmy:  So much for that Jet and the Benny’s spinoff.

tomk:  No one wanted that.

That joke or that spin-off.

jimmy:  Judges?

tomk:  I think the judges just left the room.

jimmy:  They can’t all be home runs.

tomk:  I’m not even sure that one was allowed to go to batting practice.

jimmy:  C’mon!  That was a good joke!

tomk:  Sokka give you that one?

jimmy:  Nope. Made that one up myself.

tomk:  That explains a few things.

jimmy:  Sigh. Ok, let’s move on from the joke.

tomk:  Sure.

So, Aang got Appa back.

jimmy:  Huzzah!

tomk:  They can fly away now.

jimmy:  And bring the eclipse information to someone that will actually listen?

tomk:  Like whom?

jimmy:  I dunno. That guy that helped Appa?

tomk:  They might wanna try the actual Earth King and not some guy working for him.

jimmy:  That guy said he was just a puppet.

tomk:  I enjoy a good puppet show.

Besides, Long Feng is a jerk.

jimmy:  Well, he does sound like Lex Luthor, which was the first sign.

tomk:  You should check with his smiling assistant Jim-Me.

jimmy:  Which one?

tomk:  Check the mirror.

jimmy:  …there’s no reflection…

tomk:  That’s a window. And I meant the guy standing behind you.

jimmy:  The smiley guy?

tomk:  Yes.


tomk:  He’s jolly.

jimmy:  Jolly like Long Feng.

tomk:  I’m sure that he’ll get what he deserves.

jimmy:  Now that the Aang Gang is back together.

tomk:  Would you like to see that?

jimmy:  I would.

tomk:  Then we should meet the King.

NEXT TIME:  Tom and Jimmy will return with more Avatar talk soon.  Be back when they cover the episodes “The Earth King” and “The Guru/The Crossroads of Destiny” to finish off season two.