July 18, 2024

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Barry “ben mendelsohn”

Season Three, Episode Three

I’d like to point out that this show is set in a world where disreputable lowlife Monroe Fuches may have the best understanding of how people work.

See, Fuches tries to contact Barry and apologize, hoping Barry will apologize back.  Fuches believes he owes Barry that much because he believes that he ruined Barry’s relationship with Gene.  Barry doesn’t at the time of the phone call.  He will get it later, but for now, he doesn’t get it.  Fuches knows that the two of them basically ruined Gene’s life because Barry killed Moss and Fuches told Gene that Barry killed Moss.  I am not sure that this is the sort of thing that Fuches can just apologize away, but Barry being Barry, there’s a good chance he might, if not accept the apology, then at least forget that he wants Fuches dead as he flip-flops back and forth between whether or not he’s going to go out and be a hitman again.

By this episode’s end, he’ll be offering Hank his services again.

Yeah, this is that kind of show, but it’s a bit interesting as the episode shows how other people react to the general weirdness of Barry Berkman and his world.  Cristobal, very nice guy from Bolivia that he is, actually suggests to his boss that they just give up and go home and forget trying to kill the Chechens.  Oddly enough, that works as the boss’s biggest concern seems to be disappointing the killers he brought with him.  Man, those Bolivians are some of the most mellow gangsters I have ever seen.

But then over in Sally’s plotline, her young co-star is kinda scared of Barry’s temper.  She may be the only one, too, as she is reassured over and over that Barry is a really nice guy, but the more she learns, the more scared she gets.  It’s almost like someone dropped a completely normal person into this mess of a world, and she can see all the warning signs that everyone else is missing.  And heck, she was just told Barry yells sometimes and he killed people when he was in the Marines.  She’s not given a lot of context, but she’s on a TV show-within-a-TV show about a woman trying to help her teenage daughter get past an abusive relationship, supposedly Sally’s whole thing, and Sally just wilted when Barry yelled at her.

Granted, I don’t recall seeing Barry yell at anyone that much as he did in that scene from the previous episode, but the point is, it happened.  It should be setting off more alarm bells, but I guess it just won’t in the TV biz.

Also, I didn’t recognize Elsie Fisher in the role of the concerned co-star Katie.

The point is, Barry’s plans to reconcile with Gene by giving Gene acting work obviously failed.  Gene is in a bad emotional place, and the fellow most responsible for putting him there is trying to pretend this never happened like it was all an unfortunate minor accident and not, you know, homicide.

Then again, for all that he knows people better, Fuches is every bit as incapable of learning to be better as Barry.