June 19, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Sphere Of Influence”

Ahsoka helps some blue guy get his daughters back. Also, Greedo is there.

Huh.  That blue guy looks familiar…

Wait.  They didn’t.  They really didn’t.  They based a whole episode around this guy and his extended family:

That character’s name is Chairman Papanoida.  He’s the new guy in charge of that planet of blue people where the previous guy tried to kick the Yeti people off a previously-believed-to-be-uninhabited moon.  Papanoida was a background character in Revenge of the Sith, and it’s not like taking a minor character and making them more of a thing is something new to the world of Star Wars, but usually that goes to someone with at least an interesting look.  This guy is just blue.

He’s also played by George Lucas.

Oh yeah, now it makes sense.  It’s kind of a bland episode, but it makes sense.  The Trade Federation kidnaps this guy’s two daughters, and Ahsoka (and only Ahsoka) goes off to help.  Instead, we deal with this guy and his angry son’s going off to talk to Jabba the Hutt when the investigation gets some DNA from a known bounty hunter named Greedo.

Fun fact:  Greedo can speak what I call English.  I guess he just doesn’t when he has to deal with a certain Han Solo.

The plot here has the Trade Federation putting up another “perfectly legal” blockade around Papanoida’s planet, and there seems to be an idea here that the Trade Federation is pretending not to be part of the Separatists by claiming that Nute Gunnery is a rogue member of the Federation and the Trade Federation is really “neutral.”  Wow, those guys are really bad at lying.

But aside from that, I can’t say this episode does much for me since Papanoida is dull, his son his a stock character, and Papanoida’s best effort involves asking Jabba how he feels about a kidnapped child, a callback to the pilot movie.  Oh, Jabba’s kid is there.

But really, I don’t much care about the blue guy, and I suspect if he wasn’t played by George Lucas in a live action movie, neither would this cartoon series.