June 19, 2024

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Characters Case File #476: Multiversal Masters Of Evil

The worst of the worst came together to hunt Avengers across the Multiverse.

So, last time I covered the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC as a team that probably only really exists for a single storyarc and then should probably not come back.

The Multiversal Masters of Evil were from the same arc and probably deserve the same fate.

First appearing in Free Comic Book Day Avengers/Hulk #1 in August of 2021 by writer Jason Aaron and artist Iban Coello, the Multiversal Masters of Evil were a team composed of some of the most deadly and evil beings in the multiverse, gathered together by probably the most powerful of Dr. Dooms in all the many universes.  That Doom met Mephisto as Doom was observing the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC in the 616 universe, and Mephisto suggested Doom might need a team to take them on.  Doom apparently thought that was a good idea and went out to scour the multiverse to create his own version of the Masters of Evil.  That team was composed of:

  • Doom Supreme, AKA the Doom Above All.  Aaron’s work, since he did his run on Dr. Strange emphasized that magic always had a cost, so whenever Strange or another magician casts a spell, there would be a personal consequence, like how Aaron’s Strange couldn’t eat normal human food no matter how much he wanted to.  This version of Doom figured out to make sure he could cast all the spells he wanted and let someone else suffer the consequences.  He viewed the other Masters as his personal hunting dogs, and he had an another army of other Dooms taken from other parts of the multiverse, and I’ll explain them in a minute.
  • Dark Phoenix, a masked figure with all the great power of the Phoenix at her disposal and had a Berzerker or two in the form of mindless versions of Wolverine and Thor on leashes to fight on her behalf.  This Phoenix was actually revealed to be Mystique in the end.
  • King Killmonger, a Killmonger who came from a dimension where he was King of Wakanda and had taken control of the Destroyer armor after likewise conquering Asgard.  Said Destroyer armor was then upgraded with vibranium and Wakandan tech.
  • Ghost Goblin, a Norman Osborn who was also the Ghost Rider of his dimension.  His version of the pumpkin bombs were actually the severed, and somewhat still living, heads of other dimensional Ghost Riders.
  • Black Skull, a Red Skull attached to the Venom symbiote.  This one was a bit unique as a version of this character first appeared in a Heroes Reborn storyarc where time and space changed and the Squadron Supreme, not the Avengers, were Earth’s mightiest heroes, and the world just changed into some kind of mishmash of DC-ish stuff.  Furthermore, the Black Skull was ruling over a dimension of his own, but when he was defeated by the handful of native heroes that were there, a bunch of new ones popped up from various other dimensions, suggesting there were a lot of this guy.
  • Kig Thanos, basically just a juvenile Thanos, one who seems to enjoy killing but lacks a bit of the maturity the older version of himself will have.  He’s the only one to really get out of this storyline alive.

Anyway, Doom’s plan was to take over the Multiverse, and to make that easier, Doom Supreme and his Masters would travel to different universes and back into time where they would find and defeat the prehistoric Avengers of that Earth.  That would have a ripple effect and prevent the world from having an Age of Heroes.  However, before the timeline completely changed, Doom Supreme would travel to the present of that world, find it’s Doctor Doom, and using a combination of science and magic, make a mindless slave out of that universe’s Doom, a Doom that would henceforth be the only survivor of that universe’s original timeline.  Hence the reason Doom Supreme had an army of other Dooms, including one that acted as the base of operations for the rest called Doom the Living Planet.

Now, a group like that will never go unopposed, and that’s where Avenger Prime comes into place, the founder of the Mulitversal Avengers, a massive team that would be needed to defeat both these Masters of Evil and Mephisto’s Council of Red.  Avenger Prime would create an army of Deathloks to travel the Mulitverse to find the best representatives of the different members of the Avengers, recruiting Robbie Reyes as the All-Rider Ghost Rider.  The Masters in turn started to hunt down the Deathloks, an act that brought them into contact with the Avengers of the 616 universe, a team they were warned to avoid by Mephisto who had his own plans involving all these shattered timelines and the God Quarry, the exact spot where Avenger Prime set up his headquarters and gathered armies and armies of Avengers.

That’s a lot of Avengers, and that’s not even all of ’em.

By the by, Avenger Prime was Loki from a universe where he prevented the Avengers from forming and felt bad about it.  See, Loki is always responsible for forming the Avengers…

As it is, the Masters of Evil’s encounter with the 616 Avengers caused that team to go searching through time for them, eventually teaming up with the 1,000,000 BC Avengers and then Avenger Prime’s massive team to defeat the Masters and Mephisto.  It was a titanic battle that included the last Deathlok taking control of a Celestial’s body to join the fight while Galactus appeared as an Avenger to take down Doom the Living Planet.  What happened to the Masters?

Well, most of them didn’t get out of the Prehistoric Avengers time, especially since the Prehistoric Avengers didn’t have the same issues with not-killing as their modern day counterparts.

  • Black Skull lost his symbiote when Captain America used his shield to deflect fire at the Skull.  It did not go well for the Skull after that.
  • Ghost Goblin, while taking on Nighthawk and the Prehistoric Ghost Rider, had the power of the Spirit of Vengeance sucked out of him by that Ghost Rider and was then killed.
  • King Killmonger, while battling Iron Man, got punched through by the Prehistoric Iron Fist.
  • Dark Phoenix was eventually overwhelmed when two other Phoenix hosts from different time lines, Echo and Firehair, double-teamed her.
  • Kid Thanos just left the battle because he’s not an idiot.

As for Doom, he tried to take power directly from the God Quarry, and as a result, the God Quarry did what it always does and froze him into place, petrified for all eternity, and another part of the Quarry.  The Avengers, all of them, saved the day and defeated the Mephisto since that nasty fellow was the real villain all along.  And when you can say that a Dr. Doom that has an army of Doom slaves including a giant planet is not the real villain of a story, that’s saying something.

That said, no, I am not planning on covering Mephisto here next week.  I have a different multiversal team in mind.