July 22, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Action Comics #1061 (January, 2024)

Bizzaro learns a new trick, one that may cost Superman his life.

I’d get excited that Jason Aaron is doing some DC work these days, but the truth is, he has in the past.  Granted, most of it was the Vertigo series Scalped, and I intend to get to that soon, but the point stands.  Besides, I might expect Aaron to do something cool with Batman (and he is), but what about Superman?

Well, he seems to be doing something with Action Comics right now.

Issue:  Action Comics #1061, January 2024

Writer:  Jason Aaron

Artist:  John Timms

The Plot:  Bizarro somewhere else making friends.

Commentary:  Bizarro is one of Superman’s less dangerous foes despite his raw power.  More often than not, Bizarro is less malicious and more just a nuisance.  If he does fight with the bad guys, it’s mostly because he was tricked into it.  He’s still dangerous, to be sure, but he’s not outright evil.

Then again, times change, and this issue has a desperate Bizarro, one who can’t seem to find his square homeworld, decide to do something about it by going to Sorcerer World, a planet full of powerful mages and magicians.  See, Bizarro just realized something:  Superman is vulnerable to magical attacks, but Bizarro is the opposite of Superman, so it stands to reason he isn’t.

What follows is Bizarro executing a plan that Superman didn’t see coming because, well, it’s Bizarro’s plan.  Since when does he do plans?  The idea that Bizarro might have some edge on Superman, that he’s crafty and malicious in what he’s up to, and that backwards speech maybe is hiding something in plain sight, that all makes for an interesting twist on an adversary that I seem to recall Alan Moore’s Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow as being basically just a nuisance.  This Bizarro is anything but, and from the looks of things, Superman is going to have a hard time dealing with this guy.

Grade:  A-