May 27, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Wonder Woman #3 (November, 2023)

Diana goes to talk to Sarge Steel while the Sovereign talks to a young soldier.

Is the new Wonder Woman series always going to have these back-up stories?  I mean, the one in this issue isn’t a bad one, but I’m curious as to why they’re there.

At least the one for this issue isn’t to promote a side series I have no intention of reading.

Issue:  Wonder Woman #3, November 2023

Writer:  Tom King

Artists:  Daniel Sampere and Belen Ortega

The Plot:  Diana and the Sovereign both have a conversation.

Commentary:  Let me just say this about the back-up story:  it’s basically Damien Wayne and Jon Kent’s working as a babysitter for a little Amazon girl named “Trinity” who, well, that would be telling.  It’s a humor story, not a bad one, and it mostly deals with Damien because Jon, as a Superman, is busy stopping volcanoes and the like.

But the main story has Diana showing off how smart she is when she needs to while the mysterious Sovereign talks to a young man who was part of the military task force that tried and failed to bring Diana down in the previous issue.  Said soldier doesn’t mind that he was beaten in the fight because it was against a superhuman member of the Justice League, and that’s how it should go…until the Sovereign does something with his own magic lasso.  His just tells lies.

The Sovereign, it should be noted, is an interesting new villain.  He’s a frail old man from the looks of things, hardly a match for Diana in that department, but he claims to be the king of America.  His backstory is, as yet, not fully revealed, but it looks like it is an inherited title, and he likes working behind the scenes even as he collects things like John Wilkes Booth’s pistol, the same used to kill Abraham Lincoln.  He sees Diana as an impediment to whatever he’s doing, but what and how that is, I don’t know.

As for Sarge Steel, he’s got his own problems because he is nowhere near as smooth as he thinks he is if he’s using Steve Trevor to get information on Diana since it seems the only person unaware that Steel is doing that is Steve.  So far, Diana’s enemies in this run don’t seem to be much of a physical match for her, and she’s not a fool.  What will all this lead to?  I’m pretty curious to find out right about now.

Grade:  A-