May 27, 2024

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The Clone Wars “The Zillo Beast Strikes Back”

Star Wars goes Kaiju!

So, how long were they waiting to try out that title?

Let’s see…giant animal, planet-sized city, fools trying to do scientific experiments on the thing…yeah, I can’t see how this can go wrong.

The obvious will happen.  The Zillo Beast gets loose and goes on a rampage throughout the city.  Can the critter be stopped without killing it since it is (probably) the last of its kind?  That’s the philosophical implications behind everything involving the Zillo Beast.  Palpatine was out to kill the giant thing before the Jedi even knew the Chancellor’s intentions were a wee bit homicidal, and that was assuming anyone could actually kill a large animal with armored plating that could deflect a lightsaber blade.

I will admit that it is clever that Obi-Wan thinks the best way to convince Palpatine otherwise is to make sure Anakin is there when Padme goes to talk to him.  Anakin is, for better or worse, rather ambivalent about keeping the Zillo Beast alive since he knew how dangerous the thing was, and he then does a lot of both sideism sort of stuff when Padme and Palpatine debated whether to let the critter live or not.  Of course, the poison gas Palpatine’s scientist was using makes the Zillo Beast extra mad, that allows him to bust loose, and while everyone is debating whether or not the thing is intelligent, he makes a bee-line for Palpatine like he knows somehow where the Chancellor even if.

I think that means Zillo Beast is a Kaiju.  Heck, his name sounds kinda Godzilla-y.  Plus, no one knows how smart the Zillo Beast is.  It could even be a sentient lifeform.  At the least, it knows which car is carrying the characters the audience knows.

Yes, it’s Jedi vs Kaiju as the Zillo Beast picks up a transport containing Palpatine, Padme, Anakin, R2, and 3PO.  And yes, 3PO will be the only one to have a bad landing because the Maker doesn’t care for him.

I will say the action scenes in this last portion are pretty top notch as the Jedi duck and dodge a giant animal that just seems to want to eat everyone or something.  And sadly, the Zillo Beast does die.  It’s really sad.

Until Palpatine orders the creature gets cloned.  Some evil Sith Lords never learn.