May 27, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Fantastic Four #9 (April, 2019)

The FF need to free Galactus from Doom's trap before the world-eater destroys the Earth.

Let’s chalk this one to another series I won’t be reviewing all that often from here on due to a number of factors like I already have a lot of regular series to review, I fell way behind on this one, and it ended a couple years ago anyway.

Besides, I’m not the biggest Fantastic Four fan.

Issue:  Fantastic Four #9, April 2019

Writer:  Dan Slott

Artists:  Aaron Kuder, Stefano Caselli, and Paco Medina

The Plot:  The FF need to free themselves before Doom executes them and then Galactus before he destroys the Earth.

Commentary:  OK, this is some prime FF style storytelling.  When the previous issue ended, Doom had the foursome trapped.  Johnny was submerged in a breathable liquid to prevent flaming on, Reed was stretched to his limit and kept on ice to prevent him from slipping away without shattering, Sue was in a cell where an ultrasonic frequency kept her from concentrating enough to make a forcefield, and Ben’s own restraints were set up to kill the others if he broke free.  From there, Doom was ready to execute the four for trespassing on Latverian soil on a live broadcast forcibly sent everywhere.  But as #8 ended, Sue showed how her basic power of invisibility had its own uses as she made Doom’s armor (above the belt) invisible to let the universe see his face and then his hands when he tried covering them.

The escape then works because, as Sue explained, the FF learned from each other.  She got how to troll from Johnny, he got smarts from Reed, Reed got a refusal to quit from Ben, and Ben learned patience from Sue.  From here, it’s actually not that hard to get done what needs to get done.  Doom had captured Galactus inside a mountain and was draining energy from him as a free power source because he’s benevolent like that, but it’s Doom, so he didn’t notice his calculations were off and Galactus would eventually destroy the Earth if he wasn’t freed.  Honestly, the whole thing seemed pretty easy for the heroes to do, like they do this all the time and Doom never really learns a lesson.  Even with his army of Doombots and his own herald Lady Victorious, Reed and the rest just make him look like a chump again.  Plus, now that the universe has seen his face, he’s something of a laughing stock.

But then there’s this subplot involving Franklin  and Val that seems to go nowhere and was maybe resolved a little too easily.  Why was it there?  Beats me.  It added a little to the climax, but not a whole lot, and if it was resolved, then it ended abruptly.  If it wasn’t, I am not sure I am all that intrigued as it is.  But all things being equal, it was a fun FF story.  That’s good enough for me.

Grade:  B+