May 27, 2024

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Barry “berkman > block”

Season Two Finale

Yeah, I don’t think Barry is fooling anyone who really knows him except himself at this point.

Season two has played with the idea that Barry has a bad temper.  It hasn’t really appeared much since most of his hit man jobs haven’t really gotten him mad.  They were just jobs.  The reason for Barry’s dishonorable discharge from the Marine Corps is a different story, and this episode just decides to pile everything onto the guy until he snaps.  When that happens, it isn’t good to be standing between him and his target:  Fuches.

Fuches, weasel that he is, can’t bring himself to shoot Gene in the back of the head like he planned because, you know, who shoots the Fonz?  Instead, he just does a series of things designed to make things worse for Barry, a side effect being it makes things a whole lot worse for Fuches.  For all that Fuches is able to slip through the cracks and even somehow negotiate a truce between the different foreign gangs on behalf of Hank (whose own Chechen supervisor is on his way), when an angry Barry shows up and starts shooting, despite being outnumbered and having what looks like a lot more firepower at their disposal than a single ex-marine and his handgun, Barry still kills a whole lot of people.

Starting with the formidable Esther that scared him off before.

Fuches did everything he could to provoke Barry, and like the weasel that he is, he’ll get away.  Hank will live too, mostly because he’s good at hiding, and a dead Esther plays well for Hank’s underworld performance review from the looks of things.  Everyone else?  Well, it doesn’t look too good from where I’m sitting, and Barry doesn’t exactly hold off on shooting someone based on which of the three gangs they belong to.

Oh, and Sally changing the script for their scene in front of a large audience doesn’t help much either.

The point is, Barry ends season two in a dark, dark place.  The man who is perhaps most responsible for putting him there–aside from Barry himself, of course–managed to get away to cause more trouble later, and there is one final gift left behind, one that was done perhaps on a lark.  One that may work when Fuches’s attempt to frame a dead Gene for Moss’s murder didn’t.

Namely, he told Gene that Barry killed Moss.

Man, if Barry was overcome with rage, the fact that this whole episode is arguably Gene’s processing of everything he just found out is only going to make things much, much worse for everybody.