May 27, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Cat And Mouse”

Anakin matches wits with a seasoned Separatist Admiral.

This episode is a lot of fun, and yet somehow, it comes across as a wee bit disappointing.

This episode is basically a one-off.  Senator Organa, for some reason, is working on a planet under siege, and he needs supplies.  The planet has a blockade that Anakin and the Admiral that is also the narrator can’t get past because these people don’t realize they can fly around a blockade that is only around a planet’s equator.  What is known is that the Separatist commander is really good at what he does, and when Obi-Wan shows up with a plan, Anakin is all ears.

Good news:  Anakin got a new, experimental ship with a cloaking device.  Bad news:  it’s a prototype that is to be used exclusively to deliver the supplies.  Worse news:  the Admiral knows who the Separatist Commander is.

It’s Admiral Trench!


OK, Admiral Trench basically makes this episode, and he’s why this episode is a wee bit disappointing.  He’s got a cool look as some sort of humanoid spider, one with multiple eyes and arms.  He sounds like John Rhys-Davies, but it isn’t him, the first disappointing thing.  And while we’re told he’s super-competent and sure does seem to be that way for most of the episode, he doesn’t win in the end.  Oh, and he’s dead by the end of the episode, which makes him even more of a disappointment.  He might have made for a good reoccurring villain.

See, there’s not much going on if Anakin doesn’t disobey orders and attack Trench’s ship anyway.  He realizes how Trench says how he’s destroyed cloaked ships before, and that that could mean he’s got a way to track a cloaked ship.  Trench’s shields are impenetrable.  And he knows Anakin is there.  Can Anakin defeat…wait, I already said he did.

Trench, see, he may be a brilliant strategist, but Anakin, he’s an improviser.  Also, he’s kinda crazy.  Why did Obi-Wan give Anakin command of that stealth ship if he knew Anakin was just going to do his own thing anyway?  Did he think Anakin wouldn’t do that?  That was kinda foolish.  All it took to win was for Anakin to get the guy to shoot missiles and then book it back in the direction of Trench’s ship so Trench can be blown up but his own missiles since Trench needs to drop shields to fire.

That probably shouldn’t work.  Mostly because Trench was kinda awesome as Separatist one-off generals go.  Too bad he can’t come back from being vaporized on his own bridge.