May 27, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Jay Garrick: The Flash #2 (November, 2023)

If Jay forgot his daughter existed, what about their enemies?

Jay and Joan Garrick are parents to a teenage daughter that they were forced to forget despite the fact the two are probably in their 90s.  I can’t imagine where that would go wrong.

Issue:  Jay Garrick: The Flash #2, November 2023

Writer:  Jeremy Adams

Artist:  Diego Olortegui

The Plot:  Jay Garrick forgot a whole lot more than the fact he had a daughter.

Commentary:  I make fun of the fact that Jay and Joan are both very old people since they still seem to be from the Greatest Generation, but the series does seem to know that they might be too old for a teenage daughter, especially one with superspeed like her dad.  Judy is a good kid and all, but she doesn’t really have any friends aside from Stargirl, her dad is a wee bit overprotective, and there’s this small problem when it turns out that whatever made Jay and the rest of the world forget Judy exists might have made the world forget other things, namely Jay and Judy’s mutual enemies.

Enter…Ro-Bear!  A talking cyborg bear that worked for the Nazis back in the day!  You know, the worst kind of bear.  He’s back.  Where was he?  I don’t know.  Where does he go when he’s beaten?  I don’t know that either.

I don’t have a lot to say here.  This is a light series where there doesn’t seem to be too many problems aside from the fact Judy might be thinking Jay is too much of a helicopter parent.  I’m sure the bad guy will make them sweat and Judy will get good and mad at Jay at some point, but for now, well…it’s just kinda fun.

Grade:  B