May 27, 2024

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The Fall Of The House Of Usher “The Black Cat”

Episode Four

I think the cat, by the end of this episode, might be CGI.  But beyond that, I know not to mess with cats.  Someone should have taught Leo Usher that.

Leo Usher apparently murdered his live-in boyfriend’s cat while under the influence of drugs.  He doesn’t remember it though I wouldn’t put anything past Verna at this point to get the Ushers all lined up to die for some reason.  I should think that pissing off a supernatural entity that can be anyone is never a good idea, but while Perry Usher may not be someone the others will miss all that much, Camille is a different story since she did the family’s PR.

Yeah, I don’t think these people have the slightest idea how to do that, and they seem to barely get along as it is.  Toss the Pym Reaper into the mix, and I have to wonder why these people even spend time in the same room as much as they do.   That may not be entirely fair.  Perry and Camille seem like they were the worst of the Usher family.  Leo uses a lot of drugs and he’s a bit of a cynic, a disaffected man who doesn’t seem to care about much of anything, but he’s not outwardly unpleasant like Perry and Camille are.

That said, unless I missed something, I don’t think Verna offered him a chance to back out like she did for Perry and Camille, advice neither of them took.  Verna, as an animal shelter worker helping Leo find an identical replacement for his boyfriend’s cat, may have suggested Leo not take the black cat he found home with him, but the big problem for Leo isn’t that he met a shelter worker that tried to stop him.  No, it is, well, that cat hates Leo.  Dead rats under his pillow.  Lots of cuts including one across the eye.  And…yeah, that eye thing is nasty.

Now, this whole thing has been set up where Roderick is telling Dupin about how he, Roderick, is responsible for his children’s’ deaths.  So far, I am not really sure how as they seem to bring their deaths onto themselves with a little supernatural pushing.  Perry didn’t check to see what was in those water tanks.  Camille didn’t listen when told not to go into the room with the angry test chimps.  Leo didn’t have to try to squash a cat only he could see with a mallet when said cat was standing on the railing of his balcony.  I will say I figured Leo was going to take a fall off that balcony.  I just figured the cat would somehow push him.

It also means the remaining members of the family seem less heinous.  Victorine is moving to human trials, but her purpose is to ideally get a life-saving technology to people.  Said tech doesn’t work, so that’s a whole different problem.  Frederick still seems to be a good dad, but when Pym gives him a burner phone that may have belonged to his critically injured wife Morella, he goes a bit off the deep end trying to unlock it to the point where he asks Leo for some drugs.  And Tamerlane, who may be the most harmless of the siblings, thinks her husband is cheating on her despite the fact that that is kind of her thing.

OK, Victorine seems pretty bad now that I write it out.  The point is, there’s a mystery here that I need more clues for, and the overall look and tone of the mini-series really has been working to my liking.  What does Verna want?

Heck, what the hell is she anyway?