May 27, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Duchess Of Mandalore”

Satine needs to go into hiding when she's framed for murder.

Well, Obi-Wan and Satine were showing signs of their previous relationship.  Will they be taking it to the next level?

Not any time soon they won’t.

Whatever hints to past love I saw in the previous episode seems to be gone now as Satine and Obi-Wan spend a good deal of time arguing in this episode, where she accuses him of always looking for an excuse to run into a conflict swinging his lightsaber.

Wait, Obi-Wan does that?  Did Satine get him and Anakin mixed up?  I could kinda see that.  I mean, someone taught that sort of thing to Anakin.

Regardless, she’s on Coruscant to tell the Senate that no, Mandalore does not need the Senate to send the Republic Military to Mandalore to handle Death Watch.  Too bad no one wants to listen to her, and even after one assassination attempt, that just makes people like Chancellor Palpatine think even harder that the Republic needs to send troops to Mandalore.

It’s like these people only hear what they want to hear, or that anything they learn only confirms the things they already believe.  Sheesh.  Who has to die for Satine to be listened to?

Oh, some guy who was her inside source for information, and that was done by a Death Watch commando in a way that framed her for murder.  Yes, the Republic will arrest a foreign dignitary for a crime.  This must be an idealized world.  The only person she can go to or help is Obi-Wan.  I mean, she could ask Padme, I suppose.  Padme is being a bit helpful here too.  Plus, since that assassin is still on the loose, so maybe this would be a good time for Obi-Wan to go somewhere and start swinging that lightsaber.

Here’s what I think is really clever about this episode:  Death Watch is being sponsored by Dooku, operating under the orders of Darth Sideous, so the whole thing looks like a power grab by Palpatine when all is said and done.  It doesn’t work because Obi-Wan manages to get the information Satine has to Padme and the rest of the Senate, a recorded message by a Mandalorian official who basically says Death Watch is a local problem, they can handle it, and sending Republic troops to Mandalore will upset a delicate political balance otherwise.  That message works so well, not only does the Senate vote not to send troops to Mandalore, but it somehow clears Satine’s name as well.

No, I don’t know how that works.  I’ll just chalk it up to someone remembered she had diplomatic immunity and move on.

Hey, remember that slimy South African bad guy who tried to use diplomatic immunity to commit crimes in Lethal Weapon 2?  That guy sure did have it coming, didn’t he?