May 27, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Voyage Of Temptation”

Obi-Wan and Anakin escort some Senators to Coruscant.

I mentioned during my write-up in the previous episode that Duchess Satine of Mandalore was clearly set up as Obi-Wan’s Padme, but that episode doesn’t do more than hint that the two were close.

This episode, continuing the storyarc, is much more explicit on the subject.

Yes, this episode is more explicit:  Satine says she prefers Obi-Wan when he’s clean-shaven.

OK, the basic idea is Satine is on her way to Coruscant to remind the Senate that Mandalore, under her leadership, will be remaining neutral in the Clone Wars.  Satine is a pacifist.  She’s headed out with a couple other Senators who are theoretically like-minded.  That would be true if it weren’t for the assassin droids in the hold.

Oh, these things are creepy.  They move like a mechanical spider, shoot out smaller versions of themselves when a Jedi manages to slice it up enough, and it may be the single most aggressive droid I’ve seen yet.  The target seems to be Satine and anyone trying to keep her alive.  And yes, one of them does use a dead clone like a marionette to creep everyone out.  If R2 is scared of something, then it must be scary.

A couple of points here:  Satine is a pacifist, but not a fool.  She does have a weapon to defend herself even as she disagrees with Obi-Wan.  Second, Obi-Wan does realize pretty quickly that one of the other Senators is the culprit because no one else could have smuggled the droids into the hold.  Since the assassin won’t attack its master, he tests the Senators with a smaller one to find the guilty party.  The one it won’t attack is the bad guy, and he sure does find him.  And then the dude takes Satine hostage.

That’s when it comes out:  Satine and Obi-Wan essentially confirm they are or were in love.  Obi-Wan already said as much to Anakin, and Anakin of course doesn’t get why Obi-Wan didn’t go for it.  There’s an answer for that:  duty.  Both felt it strongly enough to keep to their current jobs, though perhaps tragically, each would have given up their positions if their partner had actually asked.  Senator Hostage-Taker thinks he’s got one over on them.  If Satine kills him, she violates her principals.  If Obi-Wan kills him, the only person who would object is the one person whose opinion matters to him.  This guy sure does seem to have one up on them with no possible problems.

Oh wait, Anakin is also onboard, and he can take the guy out and save both of them the trouble.

You know, for a neutral party, a lot of people want Duchess Satine dead for some reason.