May 27, 2024

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Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Characters Case File #474: Silk

What? You thought that radioactive spider only bit Peter Parker?

Wait, did I say in the previous entry I was going to cover another Ghost Rider?  Yeah, well, originally I was going to cover a different Spider-Woman before Cosmic Ghost Rider, so here’s another Spider-Woman.

OK, this one goes by “Silk,” but she’s also a Spider-Woman.

Hey, remember when I covered Ezekiel Sims, and I said he wasn’t quite so bad despite the fact he was made into the bad guy in the movie Madame Web?  OK, I forgot to mention one thing he did that is hardly the actions of a good person:  he locked up a teenage girl for a few years, ostensibly for her safety, but that may or may not have been to protect her from Morlun.

Lousy Morlun.

Anyway, the big thing here was young Cindy Moon happened to be at the same radiation exhibition as Peter Parker, and just after a radioactive spider bit Peter, it also bit Cindy.

Sure, why not?

Peter learned about all this during the Original Sin crossover where Nick Fury killed the Watcher and the Orb stole one of the Watchers eyes and a bunch of heroes learned stuff about the past they didn’t know before, and there’s a sentence I never thought I would have to type.  Peter learned that there was this girl that Sims locked up, and when he went to let her out, she was petrified that Morlun could find her now.  But Morlun was dead, at least for the time being, and that meant Cindy Moon could come out and be a hero just like Peter.  She just needed a costume of her own.  Fortunately, she had the means.  See, her powers were similar to Peter’s but not quite the same.  Peter was stronger, but Cindy was faster, and her spider-sense was a lot sharper, able to somewhat see the future.  Oh, and her webbing was organic.  That means her “Silk” codename was maybe a lot more literal at first.

Now, that’s pretty dramatic.  Coming out of a locked room and already a superhero with, like, zero actual training?  Regardless, Cindy’s first official appearance was in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 in April 2014 by writer Dan Slott and artist Humberto Ramos.  That means she was involved in a number of Spider-verse stuff, ones where maybe her photographic memory might have come in handy.  Also, oddly enough, she and Peter get really horny for each other when they’re close because of the nature of their powers.  Or maybe Peter took one look at that webbed-up look and thought, “Yeah, I’d hit that.”

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Cindy’s superhero career did take an interesting turn when she joined a different, non-spider-based team in the form of the Protectors.  This team first appeared in the Totally Awesome Hulk book and was made up entirely of Asian American heroes, namely Cindy, Shang-Chi, Amadeus “Brawn” Cho, Ms. Marvel, secret agent Jimmy Woo, and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jake Oh.  Some of these characters, along with Indian American Giant-Man Raz Malhotra, would later join a new incarnation of Woo’s Agents of Atlas, a superhero team initially made up of 1950s Marvel heroes but which always strikes me as a superhero team that often gets involved in big storylines but never in the main book and always off to the side like Marvel doesn’t quite want to admit they exist but they keep publishing these adventures anyway.

As for Cindy Moon, she has some TV series lined up for Amazon Prime and a spin-off movie for her and some other Spider-Women in the Spider-verse setting.  Oh, and she did appear in the MCU as played by actress Tiffany Espensen.

So, why wasn’t Silk in Madame Web?  She’s just that lucky, I guess.