May 27, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Immortal Thor #2 (September, 2023)

Thor battles another, more powerful Thor. Where did that guy come from?

Al Ewing did this great series about an Immortal Hulk.  Now he’s working on a series about known immortal hero, Thor.  What angle will this series take?

I’m excited to find out.

Issue:  Immortal Thor #2, September 2023

Writer:  Al Ewing

Artist:  Martin Coccolo

The Plot:  Thor vs Toranos, the Primal Thor!

Commentary:  As set up by issue one, Thor has a new enemy in the form of Toranos, who is basically also Thor, but a higher plane version of Thor, a more primal one that towers over the Avenger, a being that looks like he’s made of storm clouds and lightning.  His very presence brings the worst weather possible, and Thor, well, he’s can’t even seem to scratch the guy.  This isn’t a fight so much as a lecture from a very old, very powerful entity that wants the familiar Thor to know, well, even with the supreme All-Power Thor has as King of Asgard, Toranos might be too much for him.

It wouldn’t be much of a series if the Immortal Thor died in the second issue.  But the more he uses the All-Power, the sooner he’ll need to enter the All-Sleep.  There is one ally Thor has who seems to know things, but Loki is playing a bit with what they can say.  It may be a matter of whether or not Thor can trust Loki even in the role of Thor’s enemy.

I am really liking the way this is going.  Mythology in general is an interest of mine, and seeing series going the way it is is playing with old myths and how much the Marvel version of these heroes actually fits into these myths.  That Loki, in their role as God of Stories, knows something seems appropriate, but what does Loki know and how will Thor react when he learns more?  Ewing is setting up a good series here, and somehow, I don’t think Toranos will be gone for very long.

Grade:  A-