July 18, 2024

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Barry “The Audition”

Season Two, Episode Seven

Is Barry any good as an actor?  Well, that remains to be seen, but he sure is lucky in what he does.

Essentially, this is the episode where Barry’s perhaps finally broken through to get what he wants while Fuches makes a move to totally ruin that.  There’s always been a sweaty desperation to Fuches.  He’s a guy who somehow seems capable of weaseling his way out of any scenario, but at the same time, he’s not really an idiot.  He’s the closet Barry had to a friend and father figure when Barry got back from Afghanistan, but at the same time, he’s obviously using Barry to get what he wants while letting Barry be the one to put himself in actual danger.  Barry doesn’t want to be a killer anymore.  He likewise doesn’t seem to think he needs to pay for what he’s done, but he doesn’t want to be a killer anymore.  That’s not quite how it works, but Barry may not be the brightest man around.

Oddly enough, he may have the most in common this episode with NoHo Hank.  Hank, caught by his former bestie in the Bolivian mob with ties to the Burmese, he and his Chechen associates are set to be burned to death inside a school bus doused with gasoline when the other guys escape and take care of business while essentially rejecting Hank’s leadership.  Why not?  Hank spent the whole escape ruminating that he didn’t really want to be a criminal and he thinks he’s too nice for this sort of work.  Hank failed upwards.

So did Barry since he got an audition for the second lead in a movie comedy.  Granted, the comedy sounds gross and not at all funny, but this is more than Sally has ever gotten, leading her to say that if Barry got the role she’d be happy for him while knowing it was bad for herself, and even sets Gene back a step or two because I get the feeling that not only has Gene never had a student become this successful, I don’t think Gene himself was ever that successful as an actor.  Gene tries to actually help Barry, but then Fuches gets involved.

What, I wonder, does Fuches expect to get out of this?  Is he genuinely mad that Barry is moving on in some way?  Is it jealousy of Gene of all people?  Is it that survival instinct that says he’ll never have a killer like Barry working for him again, so he needs to punish Barry?  What I do know is it involves Fuches’s leading Gene to Moss’s body and then calling the police to frame Gene for the murder, adding that Gene’s going to commit suicide even as Fuches plans to gun the bereaved man down himself.  And he wants Barry to know it.

I mean, I know Fuches isn’t really Barry’s friend, but the sad thing here is Fuches clearly thinks otherwise, and it is only just know that Barry has figured it out himself that things are going to go very wrong for a whole lot of people.

That and Barry’s dead-eyed line reading might actually get him that movie role for all I know.