May 23, 2024

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Simpsons Did It!: “Night Of The Living Wage”

In which Marge gets a job and then forms a labor union.

There’s a scene here that, I learned after watching the episode, is a parody of something that happened on the FX series The Bear.  I have never seen The Bear.  It’s not high on my list of priorities.  But I might check it out someday.  Then maybe the kitchen bit will make sense to me.

Actually, this whole episode’s conflict is Lisa’s fault.  Or Snowball II’s.  Mostly Lisa.  She’s taking the cat out for a walk, finds a fenced off section of the park, and when she gets inside, it’s full of people with animals.  All kinds of animals.  I saw Jimmy there with a moose and everything, a fact he will admit to when he finally gets around to this episode sometime in 2035.  The only problem is these are all emotional support animals, and some snotty girl with a support chicken tells Lisa she has to leave.  And then Snowball attacks the chicken.  There’s some blood splatter, and the Simpsons are left with the vet bill to fix the bird up.

Hey, I know that vet!

The bill, for $60,000, is way more than the Simpsons can afford to pay, but Marge says she can get a job.  And while Bart is quick to list off all the jobs Marge has had on the show and apparently quit, Marge will do this one for sure.  In point of fact, there’s a new food delivery service called Gimme Chow that is looking for employees.  Marge can do that.  It seems simple enough.  Heck, Gil is her manager.  He’s a push-over.  This should be an easy enough job.

Oh, wait, it isn’t because…wait, Gimme Chow makes the food first?  Wikipedia tells me that’s called a “ghost restaurant,” where instead of ordering from local eateries, you order from them and they make the food and send it out but no one eats there.  The job itself is super stressful for Marge in the kitchen, leading her family to fend for themselves at dinner time when they have to make their own meals.  I mean, Homer loves food.  Surely he knows how to prepare it?

Or he, Bart, and Lisa might find themselves hooked on the Gimme Chow app and keep ordering from them.


However, Lisa does offer Marge some advice when she sees how tired her mother is:  form a union.  That’s a good idea!  But the ankle monitors that all the Gimme Chow employees wear rat them out before they get too far.  Whose idea was that?  Probably the billionaire owner Finn Bon Idée, voiced by a criminally underused guest star in the form of Jason Mantzoukas.  Cripes, first Matt Berry, now this guy…

Eh, regardless, Marge is found out by Gil, but he can’t fire her without cause.  Instead, he can move her to a delivery position with an impossible set of orders to send out that, if she doesn’t get done in time, will allow him to fire her with cause.  Marge comes very close, but misses the last one:  her own house.

Homer, don’t ask Marge if she knows how hard it is to prepare dinner every night.  She knows, man.  She knows.

So, that puts Homer in a lot of trouble.  Can he get himself into more?  Are you new to this show?  Of course he can!  When Gimme Chow needs a spokesperson, someone they can pay in Gimme Chow gift cards, to talk about why unions are bad since Marge still has her former co-workers support, they go to Homer.  Marge doesn’t know until Homer pops up during a live TV interview with a Jim Cramer-style jerk, and I did like the detail where Marge goes through the house to find where Homer is Facetiming from, finding her husband is in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, with no pants on because of course he is.

Marge also reminds Homer that he is also in a labor union during that interview.

It gets to the point where Homer leads a counterprotest of lazy gluttons against the Gimme Chow strike, but by then, Idée has already replaced them with drones.  Can Homer fix this and make it up to Marge?  Are you new to this show?  Of course he can!  There’s am EMP switch at his station at his own job, and he can throw the switch, ruining both Idée and the drones, and he and Marge make up.

They do so well, a narrator tells the audience that the Simpsons paid the vet bill with the Gimme Chow gift cards, and while Marge forgave Homer (again), she would bring this incident up every time they have an argument in the future.

That sounds about right.

Say hi to Jimmy’s support moose when you see him.