April 19, 2024

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The Clone Wars “Brain Invaders”

Ahsoka and Barriss dodge mind control worms in a transport ship.

Oh, the weapons factory arc isn’t over yet?  OK, one more episode.

And it’s another horror movie type!

Alright, if the previous episode was some kind of zombie thing, this one is closer to Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  Word comes out that the Jedi need to deliver some medical supplies to a medical station but they also need to send Poggle to Coruscant for trial and interrogation.  The medical thing seems kinda easy, so it’s decided the Padawans, Ahsoka and Barriss, can take care of that one with some clones while the various Jedi Masters take Poggle to prison.

There’s just one little problem:  a clone named Scythe gets infected with one of those mind control worms on Geonosis, and he brings a bunch of those things’ eggs with him before he leaves.  Points for how he stood up once infected because it looked like it may have violated a few laws of both biology and physics.

It’s probably worth noting that the only thing that saves the day is Ahsoka has a bit of insomnia.  Infected-Scythe takes control of a bunch of other clones while they’re sleeping, and Ahsoka’s going off for a midnight snack with Barriss means they don’t get infected.  Or they don’t right away.  Ahsoka keeps her nose clean, so to speak, but Barriss is not so lucky.  The pilots are killed, but the other clones are slowly and surely taken over.  Ahsoka and Barriss did split up at one point to do separate missions, that being when Barriss gets infected, but Ahsoka’s mission was to hit the comms and warn both Anakin and Kit Fisto on the medical station.

Man, they named that guy Kit Fisto…

Now, Poggle knows about these things, but he’s immune to the Jedi Mind Trick from the looks of things, and the other Jedi are fairly gentle when asking him questions.  Sure, a strategy like Poggle’s works against most Jedi, but Anakin Skywalker is not that kind of interrogator.

Yeah, piping in the more “dark side” sort of theme music when Anakin  decided to get rough was a good choice.

Anyway, it turns out the worms are vulnerable to the cold, and Ahsoka makes the ship very cold with a coolant break, all while dodging infected clones and Barriss’s lightsaber.  It works.  Kit Fisto finds her cradling an unconscious Barriss with a bisected worm on the floor.  Anakin comes by to tell Ahsoka that, thanks to her, Barris and the clones will all be fine, and Anakin is sure that Barriss would have done the same thing had the situation been reversed.

OK, two things:  Barriss is not as attached to others like Anakin and Ahsoka are, and that comes largely from how Barriss was trained up by her own master.  Meanwhile, some of the clones didn’t make it because they were either killed by other clones or in one or two cases by Ahsoka and Barriss.  Heck, Ahsoka called the first one she killed, a fellow named “Trap,” her friend.

I’m sure that won’t haunt anybody moving forward.