April 24, 2024

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Black Mirror “Demon 79”

Series Six Finale

Just when I really start to get into Black Mirror, it ends.  I’m not surprised since there usually aren’t a lot of episodes, but this is the end all the same.

And it all comes down to the end of the world in 1979.  Considering its, let’s see, 2024, I’m guessing the world doesn’t end.

OK, the world can end.  Series Six has already done one alternate past with “Beyond the Sea,” so the world ending in ’79 is very much a possibility.  Besides, this show’s episodes, even the ones that seem to be connected, are all basically self-contained.  This episode here doesn’t have any actors I recognize, and it may be the only one with a co-author.  Said co-author is one Bisha K. Ali, and she would go on to create Ms. Marvel for Disney+/the MCU.

Man, what would a Charlie Brooker-written MCU entry look like?

Never mind.  It’s 1979, and quiet, shy Nida Huq is working in a department store with an unpleasant racist, gets hits on by a man that apparently got away with the murder of his wife, and has to eat her lunch in the basement because said racist co-worker complained about the smell.  Nida comes across a bone talisman that she accidentally releases a demon from.  This is Gaap.  But Gaap in his real form is scary, so he takes the form of a soul singer Nida saw on TV the night before.  Basically, Gaap says that, in order to stop a nuclear war on May Day, Nida has to kill three people, one per day, and that will save the rest of the human race.  Gaap is invisible to everyone else, and he can tell Nida what sins people committed so that maybe she’ll be more inclined to actually commit the crime.

So, the episode makes it a little unclear if Nida really is seeing Gaap or not.  She was fantasizing about killing the murderous husband and the racist co-worker before she accidentally summoned Gaap, and she’s gotta take a demon’s word for it that the world is in that much trouble.  Heck, Gaap’s reactions to other people are a source of amusement for her.  Regardless, Nida is a reluctant murderer, and she does get two of her three despite the fact Hell says murderers don’t count for some reason.

News to Gaap since this is all part of his initiation.  If he fails, he goes to a formless void for all eternity.

But then Nida decides, for her last kill, she won’t go the easy route and knock off the racist co-worker.  No, she’ll go for the conservative Parliamentary candidate who, in the future, will lead all kinds of anti-immigrant purges and the like.  Nida has been quiet and reluctant this whole time, but even Gaap doesn’t think she’s doing it right, and a cop manages to stop her after a wild car chase.

Oh, and then the world ends.  But don’t worry:  Gaap was sent to he void, but he can take someone with, so Nida can escape nuclear war with Gaap, and apparently, there are more folks in the void than expected so it may not be too bad.

As for the episode, no, it wasn’t bad at all.  I’m told there will be more in 2025.  I hope Netflix fixes it so the episodes go in order of oldest to newest.  Kinda tired of the service assuming I want to rewatch previous seasons all the time.  I like Black Mirror and all, but I also know my time is limited, so maybe I want to see things I haven’t already seen.

No, that doesn’t mean I’m going to quit doing rewatches with Jimmy.

Meanwhile, I do need something new for Tuesdays.  Two of the shows I follow on Amazon Prime came back and I didn’t get around to them.  Let’s get back to Wheel of Time for the next few weeks.

I liked that a lot more than Jack Ryan