April 24, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Ghost Rider #1 (February, 2022)

Johnny Blaze got a happy ending. Or did he?

Hey, Marvel has another Ghost Rider series?  Which one is it this time?  Johnny?  Dan?  Robbie?  Someone else?

Oh, it’s Johnny.  I thought he was the ruler of Hell…

Issue:  Ghost Rider #1, February 2022

Writer:  Benjamin Percy

Artists:  Joe Bennett and Cory Smith

The Plot:  Johnny Blaze is living a happy life in the burbs with his wife and kids, but something is bothering him…

Commentary:  You know what?  I am not the biggest Ghost Rider fan, but this one was pretty damn clever at first blush.  Johnny Storm, the best known Ghost Rider of the comics, the one time ruler of Hell, is living in a small suburb somewhere with Roxanne, two kids, and her father Crash all alive and well.  He does go to therapy because something is bothering him, but there’s no sign of the Ghost Rider.  That’s mostly because Johnny doesn’t seem to remember that he was ever Ghost Rider.

Oh, he’s not entirely free.  He keeps having these flashes, that the world he’s living in is a lot more disturbing than it looks, that the neighbor’s cute dog is really a giant demon.  Oh, and so is his therapist.  And his wife and kids.  What’s going on?

I am not 100% sure, but someone wants the Ghost Rider to stay away, and someone else wants the Spirit of Vengeance back.  Is this the living world, or is Johnny still in Hell?  There’s a quick cutaway to the FBI’s resident magic-user, so probably the living world.  Who would do that to Ghost Rider?  And why?  As I said, I don’t know yet.  What I do know is Ghost Rider is not going to be happy to have been locked away for as long as he did.  Someone is going to burn for that, and this first issue comes out with a roar.

Grade:  A-